The Truth About Auto Service Pricing by Phone

phone auto service pricingDo you ever call an auto service for a price quote? If you do this, you’re wasting your time. Your wisest course of action is to take your vehicle to the shop for an in-person diagnostic test. Acquiring auto service pricing by phone almost never yields the actual cost you will pay once the work is finished.

Why Auto Service Pricing by Phone Is not a Good Idea

Typically, the idea is to obtain a quote from three auto repair services and go with the cheapest one. Usually, if one quote is way off from the other two, then that one is likely a scam.

If you know the exact problem, then the mechanic may be able to give you a ballpark figure. However, we never suggest calling for the sole sake of acquiring a quote. Continue Reading →

Does Your Car Require a Multi-Point Inspection?

multi-point inspectionCars require routine maintenance; that’s a given and applies to all models, whether German or American-made. VW and Audi models, like all other vehicles, require a multi-point inspection. We wanted to discuss this because there seems to be some confusion regarding what this type of inspection entails.

What Is a Multi-Point Inspection?

You may have heard of auto shops advertise a 50-point inspection. The number in the front, though, differs from shop to shop. Some may offer a 30-point inspection, a 10-point inspection, or even as high as a 150-point inspection. What does the number mean, and is a higher number better? Continue Reading →

What Is the Life Expectancy of a Luxury Car?

luxury car life expectancyYou can extend the life of your VW or Audi by bringing it in for regular maintenance. Nevertheless, the car will croak at some point. Some people believe the life expectancy of a luxury car surpasses normal cars. Is this true? We’ll examine whether this notion holds merit.

Do Luxury Cars Really Have a Longer Life Expectancy?

German luxury models, such as the Audi A3 and the BMW 3, 4, and 5 series are top sellers. They all made the J.D. Power list for the best-selling luxury cars in 2016.

Luxury cars are indeed fancier, not to mention pricier. Do these attributes translate to longer life? Luxury car owners do retain their vehicle longer than owners of regular cars. However, this is due to a complex set of factors. Continue Reading →

Why Diagnosing A Modern Car’s Problems Requires A Professional

diagnosing a modern carModern cars contain the latest gadgets and safety features. The electronic control unit (ECU) also records a lot of data, from engine temperatures to tire rotations per minute. With the built-in ECU, you would think this would make diagnosing a modern car easier. Actually, it hasn’t. If anything, it makes diagnosing more complex in some instances. This can especially be the case for Audi and VW vehicles.

Diagnosing A Modern Car May Be More Complex

We’ll illustrate our point with a story. We once had a client that came to us after both the ABS and air bag light came on and the car began bucking. The problem occurred whenever he switched on the stability control.

We hooked up the vehicle to a scanner and found faulty codes in the ECU. We cleared the code and returned the car to the customer. That seemed simple enough. However, the customer reported the same issue after another 60 miles of driving. Continue Reading →

What Is the Definition of “German Engineering”?

German engineering

Volkswagen and Audi have used the term “German engineering” on multiple occasions when marketing their lineups. What exactly does this mean? Obviously, the phrase entails a car made in Germany, but what else? How is this a distinguishing factor from American or other foreign models?

German Engineering at a Glance

“German engineering” doesn’t have a clear-cut definition. Stefan Gies, who heads VW’s chassis development team, provided a very convincing characterization. In an interview with Car and Driver, Gies sums up the idea in one word: precision. We believe Gies hits the mark here, and we couldn’t have characterized the term better ourselves.

If German engineering means precision, then what does precision in this sense mean? Gies believes precision in a car is about how the driver feels in relation to the controls of the vehicle. Drivers must feel a connection with the car and feel confident that it will respond to their navigational input. Continue Reading →

Maintaining High-Mileage German Cars

high-mileage german carsWhich car models are high-mileage vehicles? By high-mileage, we mean cars that can reach the 250,000 to 300,000-mile mark and still operate reliably. Do German cars fit the high-mileage category? More specifically, do VW and Audi models meet this designation?

Reviews from Authoritative Car Sites

The car site Oscaro did a blog post of 10 cars that are known to reach the 300,000-mile mark. The list includes the VW Jetta, Golf, and Corrado from the 1983 to 1999 model years. The MK2 and MK3 series are especially known for long-running capability. Another German model, the BMW 3 series from the 1981 to 1994 production years, topped the list as well.

In the auto site Mojo Motors, the Volkswagen Passat, both the sedan and wagon version, made the top 10-list for the compact car category. This vehicle has built a cult following over the years, and some owners have kept the vehicle beyond the typical 15-year car lifespan. Continue Reading →

German Cars for College Students

german cars and college studentsSchool’s back in session. This is the time when parents buy their college-age children their first vehicle. We’ll admit that VW and Audi models aren’t exactly the first brands that come to mind. People often think along the lines of a Toyota Corolla or Ford Focus as a beginner-friendly car. However, we also believe German cars and college students are suitable to one another.

German Cars for Students: Our Top Pick

We believe safety and ease of handling are two primary factors when choosing a car for a young driver. But we don’t believe that a first car necessarily has to be a compact model. So here’s why German cars and college students go together so well. Continue Reading →

A Late Summer Trip to Some Washington RV Destinations

Washington RV destinationsSummer is winding down. For your kids, this is often a moment of anxiety as they brace for the horrors of returning to the classroom. To ease the anxiety, make the most of the final summer weeks with a trip to some Washington RV destinations. Don’t have an RV? Rent one at Buttera Motors. Washington has no shortage of family-friendly outdoor recreation locations.

3 Washington RV Destinations

Adams Fork Campground

This site is nestled right along the edges of the Cispus River. The area is an excellent base for exploring Mount St. Helens or the area’s many multi-use trails. If you prefer to stick close to the campsite, you can also pack a fishing pole and some tackle & bait to fish along the river. Continue Reading →

How Much Do German Cars Depreciate?

resale valueIt is said that new cars begin losing value the minute they’re driven off the dealership. Cars depreciate; that’s just a matter of fact. Of course, the depreciation varies greatly depending on make and model. How much do German cars depreciate compared to other mainstream models?

The Truth About German Car Depreciation

We have heard of tales of German cars being notorious for their fast rate of depreciation. Is there any substance to this? According to a 2016 report by Car and Driver, no VW and Audi models made the top 10 list for best resale value. On the other hand, no models made the 10 worst list either. Continue Reading →

Buying a Pre-Owned Audi? Our Recommendation List

Pre-Owned Audi A SeriesConsidering a pre-owned car? Audi and VW cars are known for retaining their value. The Audi A7, for example, came in 2nd place for Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Best Resale Value Awards under the luxury car segment. We’ll look at the pre-owned Audi A series and examine the pros and cons of this model.

The Top Pre-owned Audi A series

Audi A6

The A6 has the highest demand and also retains the highest value, according to What Car Magazine. The A6 has a sporty feel and is very stylish. It has also been praised for its easy handling, making it ideal for inner city commuting. This is a huge plus considering that Kirkland traffic can be quite hectic more often than we like. Continue Reading →