Buying a Pre-Owned Audi Near Woodinville? Our Recommendation List

Pre-Owned Audi A SeriesAre you contemplating a pre-owned vehicle? Audi and VW cars are known for holding onto their value and depreciating less. The Audi A7, for instance, came in 2nd place for Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Best Resale Value Awards under the luxury vehicle category. We’ll examine some of the pre-owned Audi A series and discuss the positives and negatives of this model.

Audi A6

The A6 is a high-in-demand model and also retains the highest value, according to What Car Magazine. The A6 has a sporty and sleek appearance. It has also been lauded for its easy handling, making it great for city driving. This is a big benefit considering that Woodinville traffic can get quite congested.

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Should You Supply Personal Car Parts for VW and Audi Repairs Near Bellevue?

personal car partsOccasionally, Bellevue customers bring a vehicle part to their appointment and ask if we can use it as a replacement part. We understand the reason behind this. They want to cut back on repair expenses. However, we do not recommend clients using personal car parts for Audi and VW repairs.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Car Parts in Bellevue

It all comes down to quality with respect to repairs. Customers will often scour the web for the cheapest aftermarket parts they can find. These components are almost always inferior and from unknown manufacturers. These components wear out far more quickly than an OEM part. The short lifespan of these parts means more trips to the auto shop and more out-of-pocket expenses. In an effort to save money, the customer just ended up spending more in the long run.

Here are other reasons we don’t recommend supplying your own car part.

The Parts Are Low Quality

When we need to replace a part, we mainly use OEM components. If we do use aftermarket parts, they must be from a trusted developer. Another issue is that most aftermarket parts are designed for American-made vehicles and not compatible with German models like VW and Audi vehicles. Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Worn FSI Cam Follower Near Bothell?

FSI Cam FollowerFuel stratified injection (FSI) engines are the norm in VW and Audi vehicles that utilize fuel injection technology. Occasionally, we detect FSI cam follower failure. Learn more about how this car part works, and the reason behind it failing.

Cam Follower Function

The cam follower is a barrier between the camshaft lobe and the high-pressure fuel pump. Like all parts, the cam follower eventually wears with time and use. Failure may be due to multiple causes, such as dirty oil or issues with the fuel pump.

If the cam follower fails, camshaft and fuel pump damage is only a matter of time. Some technicians say the cam follower is more likely to fail if it underwent specific modifications. These include the installment of a non-OEM high-pressure fuel pump or larger turbos. However, we have seen cam follower damage in automobiles with both stock and third-party components. Continue Reading →

Be Sure to Check Your Timing Chain Tensioner Near Redmond

timing chain tensionerSome German automobiles have a certain type of timing chain tensioner. Malfunction of this part can create safety issues. The tensioner actually has a design error, leading to early failure in some cases. Let’s have a look at this component and why you need to take precautions.

The Tensioner Explained

Its name explains what it does. It’s a piece that keeps the timing chain under the right amount of tension. It also connects the upper and lower half of the engine and keeps their respective functions in sync.

What happens when this part fails? It can lead to contact between the valves and the pistons when the engine is in operation. This can cause major damage to the cylinder head and cylinder walls.

The timing chain tensioner typically lasts between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. Some VW and Audi owners, though, are noticing the part is wearing out far sooner. In fact, several VW owners in New Jersey had filed a class-action lawsuit against the auto manufacturer in 2016 over the issue.

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What Is the Best Gasoline for a Volkswagen Near Kenmore?

gasoline for a VWSome Volkswagen owners have inquired about gasoline types near Kenmore, Washington. More specifically, they want to know what is the best gasoline for a VW. There’s some confusion because the manual on some models suggests regular fuel, while others recommend premium. So, which one is it? We’ll explain the differences in fuel type, and which one truly is ideal for VW automobiles.

Why Type of Gasoline for a VW Matters Near Kenmore

In older models, the manual recommends premium fuel because it assists the vehicle in acquiring the maximum MPG. Using regular fuel at the pump diminishes fuel economy by around 5%. While not a huge difference, it does negate the savings and price difference between regular and premium fuel.

Furthermore, regular gasoline has been known to cause engine knocking. This is especially true in cars with turbocharged engines, which is the case in most modern VW automobiles. Our Audi and VW repair team have noticed engine troubles associated with using less than an ideal fuel source.

However, starting in 2016, the auto brand began recommending regular fuel in its user manual. No official reasoning was ever provided. Our belief is that premium fuel no longer makes a notable difference due to the advancements in auto engine technology.

With that in mind, our recommendation is to use whatever fuel the vehicle user manual recommends. Using premium gasoline when the manual suggests regular is unlikely to produce a noticeable increase in fuel economy.

Let Us Assess Your VW Engine

Bring your vehicle to Buttera Motors for a yearly inspection. Our VW and Audi service can give your high compression engine a thorough tuning. Catch up on our story to learn why we’re Kirkland’s authority for German-produced cars. The gasoline for a VW may compromise engine performance, so always go according to what the user manual suggests.

Use the Best Gasoline for a VW Near Kenmore

VW and Audi service in Bothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kenmore, Redmond & Woodinville.

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Can You Get a Cheap Oil Change for a German Car Near Woodinville?

cheap oil changeYou may have seen local ads advertising oil changes for a low $19.99. Is it possible VW and Audi services can offer cheap oil changes for such a low price? Is this too good to be true? Find out what you’re actually getting for a $20 oil replacement.

The Truth About Cheap Oil Changes Near Woodinville

Oil changes for the majority of German cars require synthetic oil. Review the fine print in the ad to find out the type of oil used. In most instances, it’s a synthetic oil BLEND. Technically, you can add a few droplets of synthetic oil in a lower-quality oil and label it a synthetic blend. There’s just no way to really know what type of oil goes into your car.

Here’s the truth: pure synthetic oil will never cost as low as $19.99. The auto shop will lose money if they charge that low of a fee. Apart from the cost of the oil, there are also other fees that must be taken into consideration, such as labor and disposal fees.

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Common Audi A4 Problems in Kirkland

Audi A4 ProblemsThe Audi A4 is a popular model within the brand. This is also a vehicle we service quite often at our Audi and VW repair center. There are actually several issues that occur quite often. If you happen to own this model, then be mindful of the following common Audi A4 problems.

Typical Problems

Power Window Motor Burnout

Motor wear for the power window is fairly commonplace. The driver’s window typically is the first to fail, since it’s used the most often. Fortunately, this is a simple fix that requires a new motor installation in the door panel.

Faulty Display Screen

The infotainment’s LCD display screen may experience issues. One corner usually burns out, making it difficult to decipher information on that section of the screen. Once this occurs, a technician will need to remove and install a new screen. Continue Reading →

Coil Pack Repair for VW and Audi Vehicles Near Bothell

Coil PackMost modern German cars are fitted with a coil pack in the engine. This part plays an essential role, and damage to it may lead to ignition issues. Owners should arrange for a certified Audi and VW repair shop to inspect this component at a regular interval. Coil pack repair may be necessary if the car is having trouble starting.

What Is a Coil Pack?

The coil pack is comprised of multiple spark and ignition coils. The coils produce a spark that shuttles the voltage from the battery to the fuel that runs the engine. In modern German automobiles with a TDI engine, the coil pack acts as a distributor. The coil pack in this role is considered superior because it doesn’t have to be fired as often. It also doesn’t have any moving components that could wear or cause friction. Coil packs create a more powerful spark, leading to more reliable engine starts.

Symptoms of Trouble

Any of the following signs may point to a faulty coil pack:

  • Engine stalls or vibrates when in idle
  • Engine has trouble starting
  • Sudden dip in RPMs when idling
  • Reduced fuel economy

The first sign is usually a misfire or an engine having difficulty starting in the morning. Of course, this is also a sign of a dying battery. If the vehicle is also vibrating and sputtering while idling, then a failing coil pack is more likely the cause. A vibrating engine, though, may also be caused by a faulty fuel injector or fuel pump. It may also be as simple as a clogged filter.

Since it’s difficult to identify the precise cause, you should bring the vehicle to a VW and Audi service center for accurate diagnosing.

We Perform Coil Pack Repairs Near Bothell

Read our story to learn why we are Kirkland’s go-to service for trustworthy German vehicle maintenance. Contact Buttera Motors to have the car examined if it appears to struggle to get the engine to start. A worn coil pack will only continue to worsen and diminish the car’s overall performance.

Coil Pack Repair for German-Made Cars Near Bothell

VW and Audi service in Bothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kenmore, Redmond & Woodinville

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What to Know About Your Volkswagen Clean Pollen Filter near Bellevue

VW Pollen FilterAll modern Volkswagen cars have a clean pollen filter under the hood. This is definitely a plus for those with allergy sensitivities; the Bellevue region, after all, is known to have airborne pollen during autumn. A VW pollen filter minimizes coughing, teary eyes, and itchy skin during commutes. Learn more about the pollen filter and how to maintain it.

How a VW Pollen Filter Works Near Bellevue

A pollen filter is similar to a typical cabin filter. The ones on VW cars, though, are constructed from activated carbon. These are porous fibers that trap even the most microscopic pollen and keep them from reaching the car interior. It can filter roughly 99% of debris as small as 0.5 micrometers. Apart from minimizing allergy symptoms, the filter also stops foul smells and keeps out debris that may cling to the windshield and upholstery. Continue Reading →

Are German Vehicle Repairs Really More Expensive Near Bellevue?

German Vehicle Repairs Expensive │ Kirkland │ Buttera MotorsAs a VW and Audi service, we have heard it time and again: German vehicle repairs are pricier compared to those of American or Japanese-made automobiles. How true is this? There are multiple variables here, such as vehicle make, model, and type of repair. German car maintenance does usually require specific parts, which can add to the cost. However, it’s not entirely accurate to say VW and Audi repairs are always more expensive.

German Vehicle Repairs Near Bellevue Are Not Always More Expensive

We conducted a test on the nifty site RepairPal. The site provides repair estimates for various vehicle models and repair types. For the test, we entered a 2005 VW Jetta as our car and compared it to four non-German automobiles. We entered these five cars to acquire estimated costs for five different repairs. Continue Reading →