When Kenmore Drivers Should Contact Their Audi Mechanic

audi mechanic kenmoreAudis are well-known for their superior automotive engineering and high performance. But there are times when your car may need a little TLC outside of your typical maintenance schedule. Here are some instances when you’ll want to book an appointment with your Audi mechanic to go over your car. 

The Engine is Weak

When your car doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the demands you typically have of it when accelerating or maintaining speed, that’s a sign of problems. Although the cause may be minor, it’s important to have a skilled mechanic diagnose it to avoid more damage. 

You’re Filling the Tank More Often

As a regular Audi driver, you have a good feel for how often you need to put gas in the car. If that schedule changes and your driving routine hasn’t, your Audi’s fuel efficiency is down, and that can be serious–and costly at the pump.

The Car Makes Odd Noises

Many cars demonstrate symptoms before there’s an obvious problem, and if you can catch those signs early enough, you may be able to avoid major repairs. One common sign that there’s something wrong is hearing unusual noises from the engine. It may be normal, but a mechanic is the best person to make that determination.

Ready to Book an Appointment with an Audi Mechanic Serving Kenmore?

Buttera Motors is your local, family-owned auto repair specialist for your Audi and VW vehicles. For decades, our outstanding service has been noted for professionalism, integrity and service–the principles upon which Jim Buttera founded this business–and his great-grandson still runs it today. You can trust our trained auto service technicians for your VW and Audi service and Audi and VW repair. Our customers also enjoy truck rentals services and vehicles for sale. When you need repair and maintenance service from a dedicated Audi mechanic you can rely on, contact us.

Highly Trained Audi Mechanic for Discerning Kenmore Drivers

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What Makes a Reliable German Auto Repair Specialist for Bellevue Drivers?

When driving is your passion, you want a vehicle that meets your expectations for performance and comfort. Audis and Volkswagens are well-known for their customer satisfaction, so it’s only sensible that you want to keep them maintained. The best way to do that is with the help of a German auto repair specialist.


When your auto mechanic is dedicated to a particular auto manufacturer’s vehicles, they’ll typically complete dedicated training that gives them an edge in detecting problems, diagnosing your concerns and making repairs successfully. Ongoing training ensures your auto tech is up to speed on all the latest features of your vehicle.


Extensive familiarity with a car maker’s products gives your auto tech the experience necessary to quickly recognize common problems and troubleshoot uncommon problems with better insight. This means you benefit by getting more reliable maintenance and repair work.


A good car mechanic knows that while the car may be the focus, the goal is making the customer happy. One who specializes in a particular brand is likely very interested in building long-term relationships with their customers. Since they enjoy working on these models so much, they’ll provide excellent service to continue seeing these vehicles for regular upkeep, too.

Do You Need a German Auto Repair Specialist for your Audi or VW Near Bellevue?

Buttera Motors is your local, family-owned German auto repair specialist for Audi and VW vehicles. For decades, we’ve demonstrated outstanding service noted for its professionalism, integrity and service. These are the principles upon which Jim Buttera founded this business and his great-grandson runs it today. You can trust our trained auto service technicians for your VW and Audi service and repair. Our customers also enjoy truck rental services and vehicles for sale. When you need repair and maintenance service you can rely on, contact us for your free estimate today.

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What Is the Definition of “German Engineering” in Kirkland?

German engineering

Volkswagen and Audi have used the term “German engineering” when promoting their latest models. What does this mean? Yes, it clearly entails vehicles made by a German manufacturer, but is there anything else? How is this a differentiating factor from cars made in America or Japan?

What’s the Definition?

“German engineering” doesn’t have a precise definition. Stefan Gies, the head of VW’s chassis development team, provided a compelling definition. In an interview, he summed up the phrase in one word: precision. We believe Gies hit the nail on the head here, and we wholeheartedly agree.

What exactly does precision mean in this context? According to Gies, precision is about how a car feels in relation to the controls. For a refined driving experience, there should be a connection between the car and the driver, as if the car is an extension of the driver’s body. Furthermore, drivers should feel confident that the car will respond to their navigation and maneuvering.

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German Cars for College Students Near Bothell

german cars and college studentsSchool will be resuming soon. If you have college-bound children, this may be the time you purchase them their first vehicle. Did you know there are VW and Audi models suitable for young drivers? Learn of the top German cars for college students.

German Cars for College Students Near Bothell: Our Top Pick

When it comes to beginner-friendly cars, compact sedans and hatchbacks tend to come to mind. However, we believe the two most important and often overlooked factors are safety and ease of handling. This is why we’re advocates of German automobiles for first-time car owners. Continue Reading →

Maintaining High-Mileage German Cars Near Redmond

high-mileage german carsWhat are high-mileage German cars near Redmond? These are German vehicles with mileage around or beyond a car’s general life expectancy, usually around 250,000 to 300,000 miles. Are you likely to get this type of high mileage from VW and Audi models?

Reviews from Authoritative Car Sites

The automotive site Oscaro did an article of 10 cars that are known to reach the 300,000-mile milestone. The list includes the VW Jetta, Golf, and Corrado from the 1983 to 1999 model years. The BMW 3 series between the 1981 and 1994 model years also made the list.

The car site Mojo Motors had a similar list where the VW Passat topped the list in the compact vehicle segment. This model has developed a cult-like following, and some owners have kept this car for well over 15 years and counting. Continue Reading →

How Much Do German Cars Depreciate Near Kenmore?

resale valueYou may have heard that a car begins depreciating the minute you drive it off the dealership lot. This is simply an unfortunate fact about automobiles. The rate of depreciation, though, varies depending on the vehicle model. What’s the rate of German car depreciation? Do VW and Audi cars lose value faster, slower, or about the same as their American-made counterparts?

The Truth About German Car Depreciation Near Kenmore

Supposedly, German cars are infamous for losing their value at a higher rate than American and Japanese brands. Is this true? Not really. Industry-wide, cars depreciate at an average of 40.1% after five years of ownership. A vehicle like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, for example, depreciates at 39.8%, which is roughly the same. Continue Reading →

Buying a Pre-Owned Audi Near Woodinville? Our Recommendation List

Pre-Owned Audi A SeriesAre you contemplating a pre-owned vehicle? Audi and VW cars are known for holding onto their value and depreciating less. The Audi A7, for instance, came in 2nd place for Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 Best Resale Value Awards under the luxury vehicle category. We’ll examine some of the pre-owned Audi A series and discuss the positives and negatives of this model.

Audi A6

The A6 is a high-in-demand model and also retains the highest value, according to What Car Magazine. The A6 has a sporty and sleek appearance. It has also been lauded for its easy handling, making it great for city driving. This is a big benefit considering that Woodinville traffic can get quite congested.

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Should You Supply Personal Car Parts for VW and Audi Repairs Near Bellevue?

personal car partsOccasionally, Bellevue customers bring a vehicle part to their appointment and ask if we can use it as a replacement part. We understand the reason behind this. They want to cut back on repair expenses. However, we do not recommend clients using personal car parts for Audi and VW repairs.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Car Parts in Bellevue

It all comes down to quality with respect to repairs. Customers will often scour the web for the cheapest aftermarket parts they can find. These components are almost always inferior and from unknown manufacturers. These components wear out far more quickly than an OEM part. The short lifespan of these parts means more trips to the auto shop and more out-of-pocket expenses. In an effort to save money, the customer just ended up spending more in the long run.

Here are other reasons we don’t recommend supplying your own car part.

The Parts Are Low Quality

When we need to replace a part, we mainly use OEM components. If we do use aftermarket parts, they must be from a trusted developer. Another issue is that most aftermarket parts are designed for American-made vehicles and not compatible with German models like VW and Audi vehicles. Continue Reading →

Do You Have a Worn FSI Cam Follower Near Bothell?

FSI Cam FollowerFuel stratified injection (FSI) engines are the norm in VW and Audi vehicles that utilize fuel injection technology. Occasionally, we detect FSI cam follower failure. Learn more about how this car part works, and the reason behind it failing.

Cam Follower Function

The cam follower is a barrier between the camshaft lobe and the high-pressure fuel pump. Like all parts, the cam follower eventually wears with time and use. Failure may be due to multiple causes, such as dirty oil or issues with the fuel pump.

If the cam follower fails, camshaft and fuel pump damage is only a matter of time. Some technicians say the cam follower is more likely to fail if it underwent specific modifications. These include the installment of a non-OEM high-pressure fuel pump or larger turbos. However, we have seen cam follower damage in automobiles with both stock and third-party components. Continue Reading →

Be Sure to Check Your Timing Chain Tensioner Near Redmond

timing chain tensionerSome German automobiles have a certain type of timing chain tensioner. Malfunction of this part can create safety issues. The tensioner actually has a design error, leading to early failure in some cases. Let’s have a look at this component and why you need to take precautions.

The Tensioner Explained

Its name explains what it does. It’s a piece that keeps the timing chain under the right amount of tension. It also connects the upper and lower half of the engine and keeps their respective functions in sync.

What happens when this part fails? It can lead to contact between the valves and the pistons when the engine is in operation. This can cause major damage to the cylinder head and cylinder walls.

The timing chain tensioner typically lasts between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. Some VW and Audi owners, though, are noticing the part is wearing out far sooner. In fact, several VW owners in New Jersey had filed a class-action lawsuit against the auto manufacturer in 2016 over the issue.

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