Coil Pack Repair for VW and Audi Vehicles Near Bothell

Coil PackMost modern German cars are fitted with a coil pack in the engine. This part plays an essential role, and damage to it may lead to ignition issues. Owners should arrange for a certified Audi and VW repair shop to inspect this component at a regular interval. Coil pack repair may be necessary if the car is having trouble starting.

What Is a Coil Pack?

The coil pack is comprised of multiple spark and ignition coils. The coils produce a spark that shuttles the voltage from the battery to the fuel that runs the engine. In modern German automobiles with a TDI engine, the coil pack acts as a distributor. The coil pack in this role is considered superior because it doesn’t have to be fired as often. It also doesn’t have any moving components that could wear or cause friction. Coil packs create a more powerful spark, leading to more reliable engine starts.

Symptoms of Trouble

Any of the following signs may point to a faulty coil pack:

  • Engine stalls or vibrates when in idle
  • Engine has trouble starting
  • Sudden dip in RPMs when idling
  • Reduced fuel economy

The first sign is usually a misfire or an engine having difficulty starting in the morning. Of course, this is also a sign of a dying battery. If the vehicle is also vibrating and sputtering while idling, then a failing coil pack is more likely the cause. A vibrating engine, though, may also be caused by a faulty fuel injector or fuel pump. It may also be as simple as a clogged filter.

Since it’s difficult to identify the precise cause, you should bring the vehicle to a VW and Audi service center for accurate diagnosing.

We Perform Coil Pack Repairs Near Bothell

Read our story to learn why we are Kirkland’s go-to service for trustworthy German vehicle maintenance. Contact Buttera Motors to have the car examined if it appears to struggle to get the engine to start. A worn coil pack will only continue to worsen and diminish the car’s overall performance.

Coil Pack Repair for German-Made Cars Near Bothell

VW and Audi service in Bothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kenmore, Redmond & Woodinville

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What to Know About Your Volkswagen Clean Pollen Filter near Bellevue

VW Pollen FilterAll modern Volkswagen cars have a clean pollen filter under the hood. This is definitely a plus for those with allergy sensitivities; the Bellevue region, after all, is known to have airborne pollen during autumn. A VW pollen filter minimizes coughing, teary eyes, and itchy skin during commutes. Learn more about the pollen filter and how to maintain it.

How a VW Pollen Filter Works Near Bellevue

A pollen filter is similar to a typical cabin filter. The ones on VW cars, though, are constructed from activated carbon. These are porous fibers that trap even the most microscopic pollen and keep them from reaching the car interior. It can filter roughly 99% of debris as small as 0.5 micrometers. Apart from minimizing allergy symptoms, the filter also stops foul smells and keeps out debris that may cling to the windshield and upholstery. Continue Reading →

Are German Vehicle Repairs Really More Expensive Near Bellevue?

German Vehicle Repairs Expensive │ Kirkland │ Buttera MotorsAs a VW and Audi service, we have heard it time and again: German vehicle repairs are pricier compared to those of American or Japanese-made automobiles. How true is this? There are multiple variables here, such as vehicle make, model, and type of repair. German car maintenance does usually require specific parts, which can add to the cost. However, it’s not entirely accurate to say VW and Audi repairs are always more expensive.

German Vehicle Repairs Near Bellevue Are Not Always More Expensive

We conducted a test on the nifty site RepairPal. The site provides repair estimates for various vehicle models and repair types. For the test, we entered a 2005 VW Jetta as our car and compared it to four non-German automobiles. We entered these five cars to acquire estimated costs for five different repairs. Continue Reading →

Volkswagen Passat Prone to TDI Engine Failure in Woodinville

TDI EngineWe have talked about TDI engines in prior posts. They’re a common engine type in most German automobiles. The engine, even with its general and stellar reliability, has been known to experience issues. TDI engine malfunction in the VW Passat has been known to occur. If you own this popular family sedan, remain alert for signs of problems and take the car to a VW and Audi shop if you notice performance irregularities.

TDI Engine Failure in Woodinville: Signs to Watch For

In 2012 to 2014 models, owners have complained of turbine issues in the 2.0 TDI diesel engine. This is particularly the case not long after having their vehicle serviced. Engine trouble has also been reported in fairly new cars that haven’t even reached 1,000 miles on the odometer

Owners have often noticed these symptoms before the engine croaked:

  • A sound akin to a train whistling
  • The sound of a peanut rattling inside a tin can
  • A sensation like the engine is free-wheeling and not in tandem with the actual boost

A Second VW Passat Issue

Most VW cars also use a direct-shift gearbox (DSG) transmission. Owners have noted a sound reminiscent of grinding metal during second or third gear. This most often occurs when it’s really hot outside. Typical solutions include a synthetic oil change or even a full mechanism swap. Unfortunately, the issue has been reported to continue even after the fix.

Bring Your Vehicle to a Specialist

As you can see, it’s fairly common for Passat owners to experience the same issues even after professional repairs. This is why it’s important to bring your Passat to a VW and Audi repair shop like Buttera Motors. Our story explains why we’re Kirkland’s go-to German auto maintenance team. Our crew has the experience diagnosing and addressing TDI engine troubles.

TDI Engine Repair for the Volkswagen Passat in Woodinville

VW and Audi service in Bothell, Bellevue, Kirkland, Kenmore, Redmond & Woodinville

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Anti-Lock Brake Repair for Your Audi Near Redmond

Anti-Lock Brake RepairThe brakes on a vehicle appear straightforward: you apply pressure on the brake pedal, and the car comes to a stop. The brake component, though, is quite sophisticated, particularly with respect to anti-lock brakes that are commonplace in most modern Audi models. This is why anti-lock brake repair is best left to an Audi & VW repair professional.

How Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) Work

Most recent-year Audi models use a disc brake with an anti-lock brake. The disc brake is conventional in most vehicles and uses brake pads to squeeze the rotor. The power is transferred hydraulically, leading to friction between the disc and pad to bring the wheel to a halt.

Newer Audi vehicles also have anti-lock brakes to improve gripping on slippery roads. An ABS uses rapid pumping motions to engage the wheels as they lock up. This reduces speed while the driver maintains control even under highly slippery roads. An ABS utilizes an advanced computer that includes sensors, electronic control units, and hydraulic actuators. These parts all operate in tandem to monitor the motion of each tire. Continue Reading →

A Look Into Audi’s History Near Kenmore


Do you know what makes the Audi the beloved brand it is today? The Audi history spans over 100 years to the dawn of the first automobiles. If you’re a proud Audi car owner, then learn of the manufacturer’s history. When you appreciate the history, you’ll also come to realize the importance of Audi servicing to keep your car in tiptop shape.

Audi History at a Glance Near Kenmore

It all began in 1899 when August Horch founded the company Horch & Cie, in Cologne, Germany. This was where Horch manufactured the first vehicle. He would later start a second company. Since his last name was already used for his first company, he would use the name Audi, which was the Latin translation of his surname.

The Origin of the Four Rings

Audi’s four interlinked rings have quite a history of their own. In 1932, the brand formed a joint venture with three other automotive brands: Horch, Wanderer, and DKW. The four rings symbolize each of these manufacturers. The partnerships of the brands together became known as Auto Union AG. Continue Reading →

All About Audi’s TFSI Engine in Bothell

buttera-motors-6Some German vehicles are known for their Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection engine (TFSI). We discussed this in detail in a previous post, which you can read here. Audi also has a variant of this engine, available for the next-generation A4, released in 2015. Learn about the Audi TFSI engine and its unique combustion delivery method.

The Inner Workings of TFSI Engines

German automobiles require upkeep and tune-ups from a VW & Audi service. The TFSI engine is no different. The Audi A4 produces up to 190 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. This is due to a new combustion deployment that works in the same style as the Miller cycle.

The Miller cycle uses a supercharger and an intake valve that stays open during the compression stroke. This leads to about a 15% boost in engine performance.

The difference, though, is in the crank angle that has been lowered from 200 to 140 degrees. A bigger boost pressure on the inlet side has also been incorporated. This minimizes the engine’s intake time without lowering its cylinder charge. With a better combustion cycle, the A4 provides a drastically improved compression ratio. In addition, the engine fully warms up in less time and also experiences significantly less friction.

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Common Problems for 4 Volkswagen Models in Kirkland

buttera motorsCertain automotive manufacturers and models are known to have specific problems apart from the standard wear and tear. Volkswagen vehicles are no exception, which is why it’s pivotal that you’re cognizant of issues reported by other owners of the same model and year. Here are four common Volkswagen problems for the Jetta and Passat that have been brought up by those who have owned or leased either of these models.

1. 2013 Jetta Hybrid

The check engine light is known to flash on for the 2013 Hybrid Jetta. This has typically been so for those that are still relatively new with just several thousand miles under their belt. If the light abruptly comes on, bring your vehicle to a VW & Audi service.

2. 2004 Passat

Those who drive the 2004 Passat have reported coil failure, usually when the car hits 75,000 miles, give or take several thousand miles. The coil sends power to the spark plug, and a worn coil can lead to stalling and decreased engine output. Continue Reading →

Maintain the Catalytic Converter on Your German Car in Bellevue

buttera-3-2016If your German car didn’t pass the last emissions test, then bring it to a VW and Audi repair center to find out why it failed. Due to the intricate parts and construction, it’s easy for a general mechanic to get the diagnosis wrong. For German vehicles, the issue is often connected to the catalytic converter. Maintain this auto part, and emissions testing should be a clear pass every time.

Why Catalytic Converters Fail

Catalytic converters wear out for multiple reasons. A typical cause is an incorrect fuel mixture. This creates too much heat, causing the catalyst to melt. Subsequently, this leads to deposit accumulation that inhibits airflow. In addition, the melted metal also leads to a gaseous buildup in the exhaust, causing the vehicle to stall.

Besides stalling and emissions test failure, here are several additional signs of a faulty converter:

  • The car won’t start
  • A significant loss in acceleration
  • Reduction in fuel efficiency
  • The Check Engine light switches on

If you have the skill, you can conduct a DIY evaluation. Pull out the oxygen sensor from the exhaust system and drive the car around the neighborhood. If there’s a noticeable change in handling, then the catalytic converter is probably clogged. Continue Reading →

Understanding the Warning Lights on a VW Vehicle Near Woodinville

buttera motorsModern VW vehicles use an array of warning lights to inform you if a specific issue arises. This provides a more accurate indicator than a generic check engine light. However, if you don’t often review the vehicle user manual, you can easily forget what the VW warning lights mean. Here’s a guide for a quick reference. Refer to your manual for images or more detailed explanations of each indicator.

Pull Over if any of These Warning Indicators Appear

  • Red brake light – low brake fluid
  • Red thermometer – engine temperature is dangerously high or coolant level is low
  • Red steering wheel – power steering failure
  • Liquid pouring out of bottle – failed engine restart
  • Yellow “!” with an oil canister – low to no oil pressure

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