When to Call a German Auto Transmission Repair Specialist Serving Kenmore

German auto transmission repair kenmoreEven a precision-engineered vehicle like an Audi or VW may experience transmission problems from time to time, especially as it gets older or acquires a high number of miles. To keep your car running well, you’ll need an experienced German auto transmission repair technician you can count on when you notice possible problems. Here are a few signs that it’s time to book your service appointment.

Your Car Is Slipping Gears

If your vehicle has trouble accelerating, especially when leaving a red light intersection or getting on the highway, it’s a sign that your transmission needs to be inspected by a skilled mechanic. If you put it off, it could cause greater damage to the car and affect your ability to drive safely.

You Have Trouble Getting the Car Into or Out of Reverse

Another sign of concern is when it’s difficult to shift the car into or out of reverse gear. Failing to get the car looked at by an auto technician could leave you with a car stuck in reverse.

There’s a Burning Smell Coming from the Engine

A burning odor that originates in the transmission may be a sign that your transmission fluid levels are too low or too old and needs to be changed. Letting it go could lead to your engine overheating.

Need German Auto Transmission Repair in Kenmore?

Buttera Motors is your local, family-owned German auto transmission repair specialist for Audi and VW vehicles, and now KYMCO scooters, ATVs and side-by-sides, too. For decades, our outstanding service has been noted for professionalism, integrity and service–-the principles upon which Jim Buttera founded this business–-and his great-grandson still runs it today. You can trust our trained auto service technicians for your VW and Audi service and Audi and VW repair. Our customers also enjoy truck rental services and vehicles for sale, so contact us today.

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