When Kenmore Drivers Should Contact Their Audi Mechanic

audi mechanic kenmoreAudis are well-known for their superior automotive engineering and high performance. But there are times when your car may need a little TLC outside of your typical maintenance schedule. Here are some instances when you’ll want to book an appointment with your Audi mechanic to go over your car. 

The Engine is Weak

When your car doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the demands you typically have of it when accelerating or maintaining speed, that’s a sign of problems. Although the cause may be minor, it’s important to have a skilled mechanic diagnose it to avoid more damage. 

You’re Filling the Tank More Often

As a regular Audi driver, you have a good feel for how often you need to put gas in the car. If that schedule changes and your driving routine hasn’t, your Audi’s fuel efficiency is down, and that can be serious–and costly at the pump.

The Car Makes Odd Noises

Many cars demonstrate symptoms before there’s an obvious problem, and if you can catch those signs early enough, you may be able to avoid major repairs. One common sign that there’s something wrong is hearing unusual noises from the engine. It may be normal, but a mechanic is the best person to make that determination.

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