What Makes a Reliable German Auto Repair Specialist for Bellevue Drivers?

When driving is your passion, you want a vehicle that meets your expectations for performance and comfort. Audis and Volkswagens are well-known for their customer satisfaction, so it’s only sensible that you want to keep them maintained. The best way to do that is with the help of a German auto repair specialist.


When your auto mechanic is dedicated to a particular auto manufacturer’s vehicles, they’ll typically complete dedicated training that gives them an edge in detecting problems, diagnosing your concerns and making repairs successfully. Ongoing training ensures your auto tech is up to speed on all the latest features of your vehicle.


Extensive familiarity with a car maker’s products gives your auto tech the experience necessary to quickly recognize common problems and troubleshoot uncommon problems with better insight. This means you benefit by getting more reliable maintenance and repair work.


A good car mechanic knows that while the car may be the focus, the goal is making the customer happy. One who specializes in a particular brand is likely very interested in building long-term relationships with their customers. Since they enjoy working on these models so much, they’ll provide excellent service to continue seeing these vehicles for regular upkeep, too.

Do You Need a German Auto Repair Specialist for your Audi or VW Near Bellevue?

Buttera Motors is your local, family-owned German auto repair specialist for Audi and VW vehicles. For decades, we’ve demonstrated outstanding service noted for its professionalism, integrity and service. These are the principles upon which Jim Buttera founded this business and his great-grandson runs it today. You can trust our trained auto service technicians for your VW and Audi service and repair. Our customers also enjoy truck rental services and vehicles for sale. When you need repair and maintenance service you can rely on, contact us for your free estimate today.

Great German Auto Repair Specialist for Top Performance of Your Audis and VWs in Kirkland

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