What Is the Definition of “German Engineering” in Kirkland?

German engineering

Volkswagen and Audi have used the term “German engineering” when promoting their latest models. What does this mean? Yes, it clearly entails vehicles made by a German manufacturer, but is there anything else? How is this a differentiating factor from cars made in America or Japan?

What’s the Definition?

“German engineering” doesn’t have a precise definition. Stefan Gies, the head of VW’s chassis development team, provided a compelling definition. In an interview, he summed up the phrase in one word: precision. We believe Gies hit the nail on the head here, and we wholeheartedly agree.

What exactly does precision mean in this context? According to Gies, precision is about how a car feels in relation to the controls. For a refined driving experience, there should be a connection between the car and the driver, as if the car is an extension of the driver’s body. Furthermore, drivers should feel confident that the car will respond to their navigation and maneuvering.

He also used the term “crucial personality traits,” when discussing the hallmarks of a German car’s body and frame. The frame should have just the right degree of stiffness so the vehicle is neither too tight nor loose. In other words, it’s about finding that sweet spot. German brands like Audi and Volkswagen achieve this by properly tuning the suspension and ensuring vehicle architecture as a whole has a solid geometry in relation to the wheels.

We Know All About German Engineering in Kirkland

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German Engineering at Its Best in Kirkland

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