How Much Do German Cars Depreciate Near Kenmore?

resale valueYou may have heard that a car begins depreciating the minute you drive it off the dealership lot. This is simply an unfortunate fact about automobiles. The rate of depreciation, though, varies depending on the vehicle model. What’s the rate of German car depreciation? Do VW and Audi cars lose value faster, slower, or about the same as their American-made counterparts?

The Truth About German Car Depreciation Near Kenmore

Supposedly, German cars are infamous for losing their value at a higher rate than American and Japanese brands. Is this true? Not really. Industry-wide, cars depreciate at an average of 40.1% after five years of ownership. A vehicle like the Volkswagen Golf GTI, for example, depreciates at 39.8%, which is roughly the same.

Furthermore, the Audi A5 and Q7 made the 10-best resale value list by Autotrader. The A5 secured a spot due to its high resale value in the luxury midsize car segment. The Q7 made the same list for the SUV category. This is impressive especially given the fact that luxury and high-end vehicles are known for above-average depreciation.

The takeaway is that Audi and VW cars don’t necessarily have the lowest depreciation. However, their value also doesn’t drop to nil overnight as some people have suggested. Depreciation largely depends on the individual model and year.

Retain Your Car’s Value with Regular Maintenance

Regardless of brand and model, the best way to minimize depreciation is to keep your vehicle in good shape. Do this by bringing your vehicle to Buttera Motors for routine checkups. We also have an inventory of vehicles for sale. You can be sure we maintain these vehicles to keep the value from dipping too much.

German Car Depreciation Check Near Kenmore

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