Should You Supply Personal Car Parts for VW and Audi Repairs Near Bellevue?

personal car partsOccasionally, Bellevue customers bring a vehicle part to their appointment and ask if we can use it as a replacement part. We understand the reason behind this. They want to cut back on repair expenses. However, we do not recommend clients using personal car parts for Audi and VW repairs.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Personal Car Parts in Bellevue

It all comes down to quality with respect to repairs. Customers will often scour the web for the cheapest aftermarket parts they can find. These components are almost always inferior and from unknown manufacturers. These components wear out far more quickly than an OEM part. The short lifespan of these parts means more trips to the auto shop and more out-of-pocket expenses. In an effort to save money, the customer just ended up spending more in the long run.

Here are other reasons we don’t recommend supplying your own car part.

The Parts Are Low Quality

When we need to replace a part, we mainly use OEM components. If we do use aftermarket parts, they must be from a trusted developer. Another issue is that most aftermarket parts are designed for American-made vehicles and not compatible with German models like VW and Audi vehicles.

The Warranty

OEM parts and some from reputable aftermarket suppliers come with a warranty. This is a financial safeguard should the part fail prematurely through no fault of your own. Most aftermarket manufacturers, though, don’t provide a warranty or even a customer satisfaction guarantee.

You May Supply the Wrong Part

Are you sure the part you brought is actually the part you need? You may suspect the faulty part is a spark plug, but a diagnostic reveals the problem is something else entirely. You just wasted your money on a part you have no use for.

Let Us Supply the Parts

Visit Buttera Motors for repairs, general maintenance, and tune-ups. We are expanding, and our service now also includes truck rentals. Bringing in personal car parts is not the best way to guarantee high-quality results. Let us acquire the part and handle the subsequent repairs.

Personal Car Parts for German Vehicles Near Bellevue

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