Do You Have a Worn FSI Cam Follower Near Bothell?

FSI Cam FollowerFuel stratified injection (FSI) engines are the norm in VW and Audi vehicles that utilize fuel injection technology. Occasionally, we detect FSI cam follower failure. Learn more about how this car part works, and the reason behind it failing.

Cam Follower Function

The cam follower is a barrier between the camshaft lobe and the high-pressure fuel pump. Like all parts, the cam follower eventually wears with time and use. Failure may be due to multiple causes, such as dirty oil or issues with the fuel pump.

If the cam follower fails, camshaft and fuel pump damage is only a matter of time. Some technicians say the cam follower is more likely to fail if it underwent specific modifications. These include the installment of a non-OEM high-pressure fuel pump or larger turbos. However, we have seen cam follower damage in automobiles with both stock and third-party components.

Signs of Failure

A “fuel cut” is a common indicator. Not familiar with this term? A fuel cut is quite self-explanatory. This is when the vehicle’s engine control unit severs fuel delivery to the engine. This is a protective mechanism that prevents the car from detonating because it’s running lean.

When a fuel cut happens, it’ll feel as if the vehicle suddenly lost power. It might feel like you drove into a wall. There may also be a lot of lurching.

Is My Car at Risk?

We suggest car owners be mindful of their cam follower if they own a VW or Audi automobile with a 2.0 FSI engine from the model years 2005 to 2008.

We Inspect for FSI Cam Follower Failure Near Bothell

Make an appointment with Buttera Motors if you notice any irregularities behind the wheel. Our story explains why we’re proficient at Audi and VW repairs, including diagnosing FSI cam follower failure and other worn components.

FSI Cam Follower Diagnosis and Repairs Near Bothell

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