Be Sure to Check Your Timing Chain Tensioner Near Redmond

timing chain tensionerSome German automobiles have a certain type of timing chain tensioner. Malfunction of this part can create safety issues. The tensioner actually has a design error, leading to early failure in some cases. Let’s have a look at this component and why you need to take precautions.

The Tensioner Explained

Its name explains what it does. It’s a piece that keeps the timing chain under the right amount of tension. It also connects the upper and lower half of the engine and keeps their respective functions in sync.

What happens when this part fails? It can lead to contact between the valves and the pistons when the engine is in operation. This can cause major damage to the cylinder head and cylinder walls.

The timing chain tensioner typically lasts between 70,000 and 100,000 miles. Some VW and Audi owners, though, are noticing the part is wearing out far sooner. In fact, several VW owners in New Jersey had filed a class-action lawsuit against the auto manufacturer in 2016 over the issue.

Does This Affect Your Car?

It’s difficult to know for certain if your car may have a defective timing chain tensioner. The only way to know for sure is through a professional examination at our VW and Audi service center. We definitely recommend this if your VW or Audi car has a TSI engine and is between the model years 2008 and 2013.

Signs of Tensioner Failure

It’s a good idea to have the timing chain tensioner looked at as a safety precaution even if there don’t appear to be any problems. One sign of premature failure, though, is a consistent rattling sound when you turn the ignition.

We Inspect the Timing Chain Tensioner Near Redmond

There’s no need for concern if you own an Audi or VW vehicle. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to let a professional mechanic at Buttera Motors take a look. In addition to maintenance and repairs, we also provide truck rentals and a small selection of vehicles for sale. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Timing Chain Tensioner Inspections Near Redmond

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