What Is the Best Gasoline for a Volkswagen Near Kenmore?

gasoline for a VWSome Volkswagen owners have inquired about gasoline types near Kenmore, Washington. More specifically, they want to know what is the best gasoline for a VW. There’s some confusion because the manual on some models suggests regular fuel, while others recommend premium. So, which one is it? We’ll explain the differences in fuel type, and which one truly is ideal for VW automobiles.

Why Type of Gasoline for a VW Matters Near Kenmore

In older models, the manual recommends premium fuel because it assists the vehicle in acquiring the maximum MPG. Using regular fuel at the pump diminishes fuel economy by around 5%. While not a huge difference, it does negate the savings and price difference between regular and premium fuel.

Furthermore, regular gasoline has been known to cause engine knocking. This is especially true in cars with turbocharged engines, which is the case in most modern VW automobiles. Our Audi and VW repair team have noticed engine troubles associated with using less than an ideal fuel source.

However, starting in 2016, the auto brand began recommending regular fuel in its user manual. No official reasoning was ever provided. Our belief is that premium fuel no longer makes a notable difference due to the advancements in auto engine technology.

With that in mind, our recommendation is to use whatever fuel the vehicle user manual recommends. Using premium gasoline when the manual suggests regular is unlikely to produce a noticeable increase in fuel economy.

Let Us Assess Your VW Engine

Bring your vehicle to Buttera Motors for a yearly inspection. Our VW and Audi service can give your high compression engine a thorough tuning. Catch up on our story to learn why we’re Kirkland’s authority for German-produced cars. The gasoline for a VW may compromise engine performance, so always go according to what the user manual suggests.

Use the Best Gasoline for a VW Near Kenmore

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Posted on January 19, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business