Can You Get a Cheap Oil Change for a German Car Near Woodinville?

cheap oil changeYou may have seen local ads advertising oil changes for a low $19.99. Is it possible VW and Audi services can offer cheap oil changes for such a low price? Is this too good to be true? Find out what you’re actually getting for a $20 oil replacement.

The Truth About Cheap Oil Changes Near Woodinville

Oil changes for the majority of German cars require synthetic oil. Review the fine print in the ad to find out the type of oil used. In most instances, it’s a synthetic oil BLEND. Technically, you can add a few droplets of synthetic oil in a lower-quality oil and label it a synthetic blend. There’s just no way to really know what type of oil goes into your car.

Here’s the truth: pure synthetic oil will never cost as low as $19.99. The auto shop will lose money if they charge that low of a fee. Apart from the cost of the oil, there are also other fees that must be taken into consideration, such as labor and disposal fees.

What You Really Get for $19.99

If you respond to those $19.99 oil change ads, what are you really getting? You receive a synthetic oil blend of unknown quality. It probably doesn’t include an oil filter change, and the mechanic will likely only drain the oil. However, the mechanic will recommend a filter replacement and a more comprehensive oil flush for an additional fee.

Most ads also indicate the advertised fee only includes up to four quarts of new oil replacement. You’ll have to pay extra for each additional quart. Most German automobiles may need anywhere from five to 10 quarts. In the end, you may end up paying two or three times as much for what was originally advertised as a $20 oil change.

We Do Oil Changes the Right Way

Drop your vehicle off at Buttera Motors for a much-needed oil change. Read our story to learn about our background as the German car specialist for Woodinville and the surrounding area. Our Audi and VW repair team only uses pure synthetic oil suggested by the manufacturer. The cost will exceed $20, but the quality far outweighs what you’ll otherwise get for those cheap oil changes.

Exposing the Truth About Cheap Oil Changes Near Woodinville

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