Common Audi A4 Problems in Kirkland

Audi A4 ProblemsThe Audi A4 is a popular model within the brand. This is also a vehicle we service quite often at our Audi and VW repair center. There are actually several issues that occur quite often. If you happen to own this model, then be mindful of the following common Audi A4 problems.

Typical Problems

Power Window Motor Burnout

Motor wear for the power window is fairly commonplace. The driver’s window typically is the first to fail, since it’s used the most often. Fortunately, this is a simple fix that requires a new motor installation in the door panel.

Faulty Display Screen

The infotainment’s LCD display screen may experience issues. One corner usually burns out, making it difficult to decipher information on that section of the screen. Once this occurs, a technician will need to remove and install a new screen.

Stuck Brake Lights

Several A4 owners have noted that their brake lights won’t shut off. This happens when the brake light switch burns out. This inexpensive switch is easily replaceable. Our VW and Audi service can install a new one in under half an hour.

Control Center Damage

This issue is actually caused by human error, though the vehicle’s design is also partly to blame. The MMI unit, which controls the dashboard functions, is positioned right under the cup holders in modern A4 models. This makes it prone to damage from liquid spills.

We Fix Audi A4 Problems in Kirkland

Bring your car to Buttera Motors if you notice any of the above problems from your A4, or any other Audi model. Our story goes back many decades, and we’re Kirkland’s go-to automotive team for German-built cars. We correct all Audi A4 problems regardless of model and year.

Repairs for Common Audi A4 Problems in Kirkland

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