What to Know About Your Volkswagen Clean Pollen Filter near Bellevue

VW Pollen FilterAll modern Volkswagen cars have a clean pollen filter under the hood. This is definitely a plus for those with allergy sensitivities; the Bellevue region, after all, is known to have airborne pollen during autumn. A VW pollen filter minimizes coughing, teary eyes, and itchy skin during commutes. Learn more about the pollen filter and how to maintain it.

How a VW Pollen Filter Works Near Bellevue

A pollen filter is similar to a typical cabin filter. The ones on VW cars, though, are constructed from activated carbon. These are porous fibers that trap even the most microscopic pollen and keep them from reaching the car interior. It can filter roughly 99% of debris as small as 0.5 micrometers. Apart from minimizing allergy symptoms, the filter also stops foul smells and keeps out debris that may cling to the windshield and upholstery.


Like other filters, a pollen filter will wear out with time and use. We suggest a replacement every two years or 30,000 miles. You may also need a replacement sooner if symptoms like lack of AC airflow and musty odors manifest. Book an appointment with a VW & Audi service to have the filter examined.

Bear in mind that older VW automobiles may not have an activated carbon filter and just a typical cabin filter. A German auto technician can retrofit it with an activated carbon filter.

We’ll Replace Your Pollen Filter

Contact Buttera Motors for a filter inspection. A pollen filter is different from a mainstay cabin filter and is best examined by an Audi and VW repair service. Read our story to learn why we’re Bellevue’s go-to service for German automotive care. We do VW pollen filter changes across all VW models, trims, and years.

VW Pollen Filter Inspection and Replacement Near Bellevue

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