Volkswagen Passat Prone to TDI Engine Failure in Woodinville

TDI EngineWe have talked about TDI engines in prior posts. They’re a common engine type in most German automobiles. The engine, even with its general and stellar reliability, has been known to experience issues. TDI engine malfunction in the VW Passat has been known to occur. If you own this popular family sedan, remain alert for signs of problems and take the car to a VW and Audi shop if you notice performance irregularities.

TDI Engine Failure in Woodinville: Signs to Watch For

In 2012 to 2014 models, owners have complained of turbine issues in the 2.0 TDI diesel engine. This is particularly the case not long after having their vehicle serviced. Engine trouble has also been reported in fairly new cars that haven’t even reached 1,000 miles on the odometer

Owners have often noticed these symptoms before the engine croaked:

  • A sound akin to a train whistling
  • The sound of a peanut rattling inside a tin can
  • A sensation like the engine is free-wheeling and not in tandem with the actual boost

A Second VW Passat Issue

Most VW cars also use a direct-shift gearbox (DSG) transmission. Owners have noted a sound reminiscent of grinding metal during second or third gear. This most often occurs when it’s really hot outside. Typical solutions include a synthetic oil change or even a full mechanism swap. Unfortunately, the issue has been reported to continue even after the fix.

Bring Your Vehicle to a Specialist

As you can see, it’s fairly common for Passat owners to experience the same issues even after professional repairs. This is why it’s important to bring your Passat to a VW and Audi repair shop like Buttera Motors. Our story explains why we’re Kirkland’s go-to German auto maintenance team. Our crew has the experience diagnosing and addressing TDI engine troubles.

TDI Engine Repair for the Volkswagen Passat in Woodinville

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