Anti-Lock Brake Repair for Your Audi Near Redmond

Anti-Lock Brake RepairThe brakes on a vehicle appear straightforward: you apply pressure on the brake pedal, and the car comes to a stop. The brake component, though, is quite sophisticated, particularly with respect to anti-lock brakes that are commonplace in most modern Audi models. This is why anti-lock brake repair is best left to an Audi & VW repair professional.

How Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) Work

Most recent-year Audi models use a disc brake with an anti-lock brake. The disc brake is conventional in most vehicles and uses brake pads to squeeze the rotor. The power is transferred hydraulically, leading to friction between the disc and pad to bring the wheel to a halt.

Newer Audi vehicles also have anti-lock brakes to improve gripping on slippery roads. An ABS uses rapid pumping motions to engage the wheels as they lock up. This reduces speed while the driver maintains control even under highly slippery roads. An ABS utilizes an advanced computer that includes sensors, electronic control units, and hydraulic actuators. These parts all operate in tandem to monitor the motion of each tire.

Signs of a Brake Problem

If you have to apply the brake more forcefully than you typically do to bring the car to a full stop, then the brakes may be exhibiting signs of wear. If you hear a squeaky sound, then the pads are probably worn. Additional symptoms of brake issues include:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel
  • An odor reminiscent of burning rubber
  • ABS warning light flashing on
  • Metal-on-metal grinding noise

We Perform Anti-Lock Brake Repair Near Redmond

More recent Audi models contain a computer embedded in its ABS. This is why repairs are best relegated to a VW & Audi service like Buttera Motors. Read our story to find out why we’re Kirkland’s go-to mechanics for German-made vehicles.

You can offset ABS repairs altogether with routine maintenance. Multiple Audi cars, such as all 2014 A4 to A7 models, were recently recalled because of issues in the brake booster. Apart from anti-lock brake repair, we handle a number of problems specific to German cars.

Anti-Lock Brake Repair for VW and Audi Cars Near Redmond

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