A Look Into Audi’s History Near Kenmore


Do you know what makes the Audi the beloved brand it is today? The Audi history spans over 100 years to the dawn of the first automobiles. If you’re a proud Audi car owner, then learn of the manufacturer’s history. When you appreciate the history, you’ll also come to realize the importance of Audi servicing to keep your car in tiptop shape.

Audi History at a Glance Near Kenmore

It all began in 1899 when August Horch founded the company Horch & Cie, in Cologne, Germany. This was where Horch manufactured the first vehicle. He would later start a second company. Since his last name was already used for his first company, he would use the name Audi, which was the Latin translation of his surname.

The Origin of the Four Rings

Audi’s four interlinked rings have quite a history of their own. In 1932, the brand formed a joint venture with three other automotive brands: Horch, Wanderer, and DKW. The four rings symbolize each of these manufacturers. The partnerships of the brands together became known as Auto Union AG.

Audi Becomes a VW Subsidiary

In 1949, Auto Union AG created a second headquarters called Auto Union GmbH, in Ingolstadt. The bulk of Auto Union GmbH was eventually sold to Benz in 1958. The shares would later be sold to Volkswagen in 1966.

Today, the two manufacturers remain interlinked, hence why we perform VW and Audi services. Both brands use a similar architecture and mechanics under the hood. The two also adopt similar car technology and safety specs.

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Buttera Motors is your go-to shop for Audi & VW repairs in Kirkland and the adjacent towns. Our story is just as intriguing as Audi’s history with roots also going back to the early 1900s.

Audi History and Excellence of Service Near Kenmore

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