Common Problems for 4 Volkswagen Models in Kirkland

buttera motorsCertain automotive manufacturers and models are known to have specific problems apart from the standard wear and tear. Volkswagen vehicles are no exception, which is why it’s pivotal that you’re cognizant of issues reported by other owners of the same model and year. Here are four common Volkswagen problems for the Jetta and Passat that have been brought up by those who have owned or leased either of these models.

1. 2013 Jetta Hybrid

The check engine light is known to flash on for the 2013 Hybrid Jetta. This has typically been so for those that are still relatively new with just several thousand miles under their belt. If the light abruptly comes on, bring your vehicle to a VW & Audi service.

2. 2004 Passat

Those who drive the 2004 Passat have reported coil failure, usually when the car hits 75,000 miles, give or take several thousand miles. The coil sends power to the spark plug, and a worn coil can lead to stalling and decreased engine output.

3. 2006 Jetta

At around 100,000 miles, the 2006 Jetta’s airbag malfunction light has been known to come on and remain on. This is definitely a major safety concern; bring the car to a VW & Audi Repair center for diagnosis. Unbeknownst to many motorists, you can be fined if you’re pulled over, and the law enforcement officer sees the airbag light is on. That’s food for thought to think about.

4. 2000 Passat

The 2000 Passat is known to undergo an engine malfunction due to sludge accumulation. The issue often occurs within the 70,000 to 90,000-mile mark.

We Resolve Common Volkswagen Problems in Kirkland

Be on the lookout for the aforementioned problems if you own one of the above models. If such issues are noticed, bring the car to Buttera Motors without delay. Our team can provide extra tips on how to maintain your automobile. The common Volkswagen problems listed aren’t a cause for concern; it just means to be more observant.

Diagnosis of Common Volkswagen Problems in Kirkland

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