Maintain the Catalytic Converter on Your German Car in Bellevue

buttera-3-2016If your German car didn’t pass the last emissions test, then bring it to a VW and Audi repair center to find out why it failed. Due to the intricate parts and construction, it’s easy for a general mechanic to get the diagnosis wrong. For German vehicles, the issue is often connected to the catalytic converter. Maintain this auto part, and emissions testing should be a clear pass every time.

Why Catalytic Converters Fail

Catalytic converters wear out for multiple reasons. A typical cause is an incorrect fuel mixture. This creates too much heat, causing the catalyst to melt. Subsequently, this leads to deposit accumulation that inhibits airflow. In addition, the melted metal also leads to a gaseous buildup in the exhaust, causing the vehicle to stall.

Besides stalling and emissions test failure, here are several additional signs of a faulty converter:

  • The car won’t start
  • A significant loss in acceleration
  • Reduction in fuel efficiency
  • The Check Engine light switches on

If you have the skill, you can conduct a DIY evaluation. Pull out the oxygen sensor from the exhaust system and drive the car around the neighborhood. If there’s a noticeable change in handling, then the catalytic converter is probably clogged.

Let Us Examine the Catalytic Converter in Bellevue

Leave the catalytic converter testing to Buttera Motors. Our story outlines how we began as a German automotive shop in the Kirkland region. Most emission technicians aren’t trained to properly inspect German models. Our VW & Audi service can inspect the converter if your vehicle failed the last emissions test. We can also examine the converter prior to testing to be sure you pass on the initial attempt. Catalytic converter care for VW and Audi vehicles should be performed routinely to ensure car longevity. 

Catalytic Converter Inspection, Repair & Replacement in Bellevue

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