Understanding the Warning Lights on a VW Vehicle Near Woodinville

buttera motorsModern VW vehicles use an array of warning lights to inform you if a specific issue arises. This provides a more accurate indicator than a generic check engine light. However, if you don’t often review the vehicle user manual, you can easily forget what the VW warning lights mean. Here’s a guide for a quick reference. Refer to your manual for images or more detailed explanations of each indicator.

Pull Over if any of These Warning Indicators Appear

  • Red brake light – low brake fluid
  • Red thermometer – engine temperature is dangerously high or coolant level is low
  • Red steering wheel – power steering failure
  • Liquid pouring out of bottle – failed engine restart
  • Yellow “!” with an oil canister – low to no oil pressure

It’s a safety hazard to continue driving if any of these symbols flash on. Pullover immediately and call a tow truck to haul your car to a VW & Audi service. These symbols may also be accompanied by an audible warning.

Additional Warning Lights to Watch For

  • Yellow engine symbol – emission irregularities 
  • Yellow steering wheel – loss in power steering assist
  • Yellow circle with dash symbols – worn brake pads
  • The letters ABS – issues with anti-lock brakes

These symbols are less urgent, and you can safely drive for the time being. However, you shouldn’t delay in bringing your car to a VW & Audi repair center. These problems can’t be simply resolved with a DIY resolution.

Don’t Ignore These VW Warning Lights Near Woodinville 

The warning lights are exactly that: a warning pointing out one or more faulty parts. Bring your VW automobile to Buttera Motors to pinpoint the underlying problem. Read up on our tips for pointers pertinent to German car owners. The VW warning lights point to a developing issue that requires prompt action; procrastinate at your own risk.

VW Warning Lights Servicing Near Woodinville

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