TDI Engine Maintenance for the Winter Around Redmond

buttera motorsMost modern German cars contain a turbocharged direct injection (TDI) engine under the hood, hence why most VW and Audi repairs need care from a specialist mechanic. TDI engines are lauded for their ability to deliver enhanced combustion, power increase, and CO2 reduction. On the flip side, these engines are also known to have problems in cold-weather operations. Since Redmond isn’t known for extreme cold, this isn’t something you should be worried about. TDI engine maintenance, though, is still necessary if you own a vehicle outfitted with one of these bad boys.

Precautions for Winter Commuting

Diesel fluids react differently than gasoline under temperature fluctuations. When the temperature drops, the diesel fuel thickens. Hardened diesel is referred to as “gel.” Gel is sludge-like and can’t be pumped, causing the engine to shut down.

A way to minimize gel formation is to install an auxiliary heater. This keeps the engine warm and prevents a rise in fuel viscosity.

Apart from the engine, inspect the battery to be certain it’s fully charged. Batteries run less optimally in frigid weather. In addition, oil also thickens under low temperatures, thus forcing the battery to push even harder to get the engine to crank.

Most TDI engines have a small heating apparatus called a glow plug. The plug emits enough heat for the fuel to ignite when there isn’t enough heat in the air. To make the glow plug work, insert the key in the ignition and turn it to start the electronics but not the engine. The dashboard should indicate the glow plug is in operation. Wait for 10 seconds before fully turning the ignition.

TDI Engine Maintenance Problems? Let Us Have a Look

TDI engines differ from diesel engines in U.S.-made vehicles. This is why you need to bring your German vehicle to Buttera Motors if the car is constantly sputtering to start. Contact us for more tips in keeping your car in healthy condition over winter. TDI engine maintenance is just one of the variety of VW and Audi services we offer.

Professional Maintenance for VW & Audi TDI Engines

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