Don’t Neglect Your Limited Slip Differentials Around Kenmore

buttera motorsMost modern German vehicles utilize limited slip differentials for bettering traction on slippery roads. It’s exactly for this reason that you need to bring your car to an Audi and VW service for tire checkup and alignment.

Limited Slip Differentials (LSD) Explained

Most American cars, particularly older models, use a standard differential where the left and right axle rotations are completely independent of one another. This creates an issue when one wheel drives over a slippery surface. This makes the wheel spin excessively while the other spins at a normal speed. This leads to more power flowing to the slippery wheel while power flow comes to a stop for the other. This leads to major shifting problems or even brings the car to a total halt.

A limited slip differential seeks to correct this issue by minimizing the independence between the two axles. Most LSDs use a clutch pack based system. It’s not necessary to know the precise mechanics of how the system works; all you need to understand is that the component includes friction and steel plates wedged between the casing and side gear. This allows the distribution of power so that one wheel absorbs the traction loss should the other wheel drive over a slippery road. 

For a more in-depth explanation, watch this video for a walk-through with visuals.

Bring Your German Car to Buttera Motors

Since most German vehicles use an LSD, any Audi and VW repairs to the tires or axles require specialized care. It’s important that new tires exactly match the ones being replaced. Even as little as a 2cm circumference difference can cause rotational speed differences that can cause premature wear on the drive train management system present in modern Audis and Volkswagens.

Contact Buttera Motors and read our story to learn what makes us Kirkland’s top mechanics specializing in German vehicles. Leave the maintenance to us if it uses a limited slip differential.

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