How to Troubleshoot Audi Xenon Headlight Issues

xenon1Xenon headlights are found in most modern Audi models, including the A4. The lights are similar to the halogen bulbs found in conventional headlights. However, they’re constructed using noble gas and provide much brighter light while consuming less power. They’re not without their own troubles, though. Several motorists have pointed out what is being called the “dipped headlights phenomenon” associated with the Audi Xenon headlights. Take your vehicle to an Audi service shop if you’re unable to treat the problem on your own.

Dipped Headlights 

The problem with dipped headlights is often the low beam burning out prematurely or flickering on and off. The light also tends to dip when it shines on the pavement, hence the name. If you experience this issue with your Audi, try switching out the bulb.

If the problem continues, then there could be a number of other explanations, including:

  • Broken auto-leveling sensor (from hitting a large bump or pothole)
  • Faulty or worn ballasts
  • Faulty headlight sensor in the front wheel well

Any of these issues requires diagnosing from an Audi repair mechanic. A technician can read the error code from the vehicle’s ECU to pinpoint the problem.

Do all Xenon Headlights Have this Problem?

There’s no need to be concerned if your car has Xenon headlights. As noted, the problem has mostly been observed in the Audi A4. Some motorists driving the 2002-2008 S4 or RS4 have reported similar issues. Just keep an eye out when driving at night if you own any of these models.

Since the problem appears to mostly concern the Audi, be sure to take your car to a German auto shop. Read our story to find out how Buttera Motors got started and why we’re Kirkland’s go-to service for German car maintenance. A problem with your Audi Xenon headlights is best left to a German automobile mechanic and not a generalist.

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