Is Your Car Due for a Transmission Fluid Flush?

transmission fluid flush, transmission fluid, transmission flushAt some point all cars will need a transmission flush, VW and Audi vehicles included. This is not to be confused with a typical transmission fluid change. A transmission fluid flush is a far more thorough process that requires professional servicing.

What Is a Transmission Fluid Flush?

In a transmission fluid flush, all of the fluid is drained from the cooler line using a pump inlet flush machine. Fresh fluid is added and the filter is replaced. The keyword here is “all” of the fluid. This is necessary for removing impurities that have accumulated over time; these impurities could degrade transmission performance.

Transmission Fluid Flush Vs Fluid Change

As mentioned, people tend to think of a transmission flush and fluid change as interchangeable terms, though they are different services. With the latter, only about a third of the fluid is removed using the pan-drop method to remove impurities. In a complete flush, the filter is also replaced, new fluid is added, and the pan inspected. Some old fluid still remains in the cooler lines and torque converter.

Which Service Do I Need?

Audi and VW vehicles have different transmission builds than American and Japanese models. They require a German auto mechanic to diagnose the condition of the transmission. At Buttera Motors, we will inform you whether you require a complete transmission flush or a routine fluid change will suffice.

Typically, you will require a full transmission flush if:

  • You hear a metal-to-metal grinding noise
  • You have difficulty changing gears in a manual car
  • The car abruptly jumps or surges forward
  • The vehicle stalls for a second or two

We Perform Full Transmission Flushes

We will recommend what is best for the health of your transmission. It may simply need a routine fluid change or it may be due for a more extensive service. We perform transmission fluid flushes on German-made vehicles; this includes the truck rentals in our inventory.

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