The Components of a Tire’s Interior

tire interior, tire componentsThe tire’s exterior is obviously made of rubber. However, what does the tire’s interior consist of? Is it more rubber? Find out what components make up the interior of the tire on your VW or Audi vehicle. There’s far more inside than just air.

Belt and Body System

Directly below the tread is a system of steel belts. This gives the tread its strength and stability. Otherwise, the rubber tread will give out from rough road conditions. Right below the belts is a body ply made from a combination of polyester and rubber. This helps the tire retain its shape as it bears the immense weight of the vehicle.


The side of the tire consists of beads made from copper/brass wire and a rubber compound called the apex. The beads are located within the rim and seal in the air to prevent leaks. The beads also have the all-important job of holding the tire to the rim.

Tire Interior Liner

The innermost tire component consists of a layer of materials that prevent air from leaking. The liner is made from halobutyl rubber that keeps air diffusion to a minimum. Inner liners replaced inner tubes, which were used in older-style tires. Modern Audi and VW vehicle tires all contain an inner liner in lieu of an inner tube.

Radial Cord Body

The radial cord is made from polyester or rayon cord and reinforces the tire’s strength. It also transmits cornering forces from the tread to the wheel.

We Patch and Replace Tires

If you own a German-made vehicle, bring it to Buttera Motors for a tire check. This is, after all, the time of year when tire blowouts peak. We take care of the tires of the cars you bring to us. The same goes for our vehicles for sale. The tire’s interior is sturdy but not indestructible.

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