Why Are Some Auto Repairs Higher Than the Estimate?

auto repair estimateMany customers have asked us why auto repairs sometimes end up higher than the initial estimate. Is this due to an unethical mechanic trying to squeeze every nickel and dime out of customers? Why are some auto repairs higher than the estimate?

Am I Being Swindled?

Is the mechanic trying to rip you off? Sadly, this may be the case in some instances. Unethical workers exist in the auto repair industry. This may even be so in niche-specific areas like VW and Audi repairs where customers may be less knowledgeable about German automobiles.

However, repair invoices that exceed the original estimate may also be due to other factors beyond the technician’s control. We advise customers not to automatically think the worst when their invoice reveals a higher cost.

Why Auto Repairs Are Higher Than the Estimate

When a mechanic gives you an estimate over the phone, the quote is just that, an estimate. Without actually inspecting your car, the mechanic has no way of knowing the specific problem. Some factors that can affect repair costs include:

  • Parts: Car parts may drastically differ in price depending on model. This is especially the case with Audi and VW repairs. Often, we can’t give an accurate estimate unless we have the vehicle’s VIN number.
  • Multiple parts: Some cars require more than one of the same part. With brake pad replacement, for example, you may also need to replace the brake sensors. Depending on the model, you may need anywhere from one to three sensors.
  • Quality of parts: Are the parts quoted in the estimate OEM or a lower quality aftermarket?

We Ensure Fair Pricing

Read our story to learn about our work history. Unless you bring the car to our shop, we cannot guarantee an accurate estimate. Bring your car to Buttera Motors for an in-person checkup. This ensures you don’t end up with auto repairs higher than the estimate.

Accurate Auto Repair Pricing

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