Best German Cars for Pet Owners

German cars for pet owners, German pet carsCommuting with a furry companion can be a joy as well as a hassle. Some cars are more well suited for travelling with a pet than others. We examine the top German cars for pet owners. Some VW and Audi models can easily accommodate a four-legged passenger.

Best Audi Cars

For small to medium breeds, hatchbacks like the A4 and A5 allow your canine to hop in with ease. Owners with large breed dogs should consider the Q series, such as the Q5, Q7, and Q8. Their larger capacity also makes it easier for pet owners to accommodate a pet crate.

We should also point out that most Audi cars come with leather upholstery. This is a plus because it’s easier to vacuum up fur and pet dander. On the other hand, dog claws can easily scratch the leather.

Best VW Cars

For VWs, the Tiguan instantly comes to mind. Starting with the 2017 model, the rear seat can fold, giving plenty of roaming space for your pooch. You can also purchase optional add-ons, such as seat liners and a pet barrier.

Another good choice is the VW Atlas, which U.S. News lists among its “13 Best Cars for Dogs.” The news outlet cited the Atlas’ spacious cargo area and 50/50 seat split as reasons why the three-row SUV made its list. Some of the higher trims also feature tri-zone temperature control, which keeps humans and canines nice and comfy.

The VW Golf made the same list as well. The rear cargo area contains shallow bins, perfect for doggy accessories like leashes, tennis balls, and pet food.

We Service Pet Owners and Their German Cars

We perform checkups on all Audi and VW models. We also rent out RVs and trucks, all of which are also great for traveling with a pet. Service your car at Buttera Motors; even the best German cars for pet owners require periodic maintenance.

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