Should You Drive on an Empty Gas Tank?

empty gas tank, fuel warning lightAs a rule of thumb, you should always fill your gas tank when the meter hits the one-fourth level. If you miss this marker, pay attention when the fuel warning light comes on! Driving on an empty gas tank is not only dangerous, it’s also bad for the car. We explain why you should never let your VW or Audi reach near-empty fuel levels.

Why Is Driving on an Empty Gas Tank Bad?

Safety is a primary concern. It’s dangerous when your car comes to a halt in the middle of the road. Besides the safety element, you can also seriously damage the vehicle’s fuel pump. When gas is low, the pump sucks the remaining fuel from the bottom of the tank. The pump ends up sucking debris that rests at the bottom, which ends up contaminating other parts.

Do not Rely Only on the Fuel Gauge

We mentioned the one-fourth rule earlier because it gives you some buffer. Most modern cars indicate the approximate miles remaining before fuel runs dry. However, this number isn’t always accurate and is calibrated depending on your driving habits. If you constantly drive on the freeway, for example, then it might not reflect miles remaining when driving on local streets.

Low-Fuel Warning Light

When the low-fuel warning light comes on, you need to head for the nearest gas station. How much farther can you drive? This depends on the model. With the VW Jetta, for example, the warning light comes on when the you have 1.85 gallons remaining. The lesson here is: never let fuel levels reach the point where the warning light comes on.

We Repair Fuel Pumps and Related Parts

Whether you drive an Audi or VW, never let fuel levels run low. At Buttera Motors, we inspect all parts related to the fuel system. Our story explains why we’re proficient at this for German automobiles. Driving on an empty gas tank is risky business.

Fuel System Inspections and Repairs

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