Winter Car Maintenance Guidelines for German Vehicles

winter car maintenanceThe winter chills are right around the corner. Your car will feel the effects of the cold as much as you will. Winter car maintenance for German vehicles is not much different than that of American-made cars. Following these maintenance guidelines ensures that your VW or Audi car remains in peak operating condition.

1. Battery Care

Some German models have an absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery. This battery has an above-average lifespan of five to seven years. However, it’s also known to die suddenly, without warning. We suggest a replacement if winter is approaching and the battery is more than four years old.

2. Coolant Refill

Coolant is just as important in the winter as in the summer because engines are still capable of overheating. Top off the reservoir but be sure not to overfill. Many German models use a pressurized cooling system that is susceptible to malfunction if you exceed the fill line. Only use a coolant formula compatible with your car. Some German cars require a specific formula.

3. Tire Check

We especially recommend a tire check if you own an Audi model with a sports package. Why does this matter? The rear tires have an adjusted wheel chamber where the tires are slightly angled inwards. This improves handling. However, this also accelerates tread wear on the inner part of the tire. Worn treads greatly diminish traction on wet roads.

4. Wiper Change

We recommend changing the windshield wipers every six months, though we know almost nobody replaces them this frequently. This is one of the few DIY-appropriate jobs. However, we can assist you if you have trouble replacing the wipers or refilling the wiper fluid.

We Handle Winter Car Maintenance for German Vehicles

Despite their durability, Audi and VW cars still require seasonal checkups. Our story outlines why we are qualified for German auto servicing. Come by to Buttera Motors for German car winter maintenance.

Winter Inspection for German-Made Automobiles

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