Signs You Need to Replace a Valve Cover Gasket

valve cover gasketMost vehicles have a valve cover gasket. VW and Audi models are no exception. Like any other car part, this component requires periodic replacement to ensure smooth engine performance. What happens when this part wears out and how might this affect car health?

What Is the Role of the Valve Cover Gasket?

As implied in its name, the valve cover is an encasement that protects the valves and cylinder head hardware. The gasket acts as a seal between the valve cover itself and the cylinder block. When the gasket deteriorates, it will leak oil. This will lead to damaged valves, lifters and cylinder heads. It might even lead to a cracked cover.

Symptoms of a Worn Valve Cover Gasket

One of the first symptoms is a burning oil smell. When the gasket deteriorates, compressed oil escapes. When the engine is running, the oil drips on the hot fuel intake or cylinder block, causing the burnt smell. Of course, a burning smell can indicate other problems. A mechanic will need to diagnose the cause.

Another symptom is the accumulation of oil residue on the cover. As the oil leaks and collects on the valve cover, it attracts dirt and cakes over the cover.

The engine oil light may also switch on. This is due to the oil leak. The oil loss leads to increased friction. In turn, this causes heat buildup in the engine. Bring your Audi or VW vehicle to a service center ASAP.

We Replace Valve Cover Gaskets

The valve cover protects vital engine components; so if the gasket fails, let us repair it. Read our story to learn why we are able to perform such tasks for German-made models. Let Buttera Motors replace a worn valve cover gasket and stop oil leaks.

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

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