VW and Audi Brake Recall: What You Need to Know

brake recall, VW brake recall, Audi brake recallVW and Audi cars are notable for their smooth handling and overall reliability. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not prone to occasional problems. No car brand is immune to recalls. In fact, VW and Audi both issued a separate brake recall. How does this affect your vehicle?

Affected Models

The recall pertains to all of the following models:

For Audi: the 2018 Q5 and SQ5

For VW: the 2018 Beetle, Golf, Passat, Atlas, Sportswagen, and GTI

We recommend bringing your vehicle to an Audi and VW repair shop or to the dealership for an inspection. A technician may need to bleed the brakes.

What’s the Problem?

Due to an improper coating, the brake pedal may travel all the way to the floor. This may drastically increase braking distance.

For the 2017–2018 VW Passat and 2018 VW Atlas, a brake caliper bolt may also loosen. This may lead to loss of vehicle control and wheel damage. You may also notice a loose rattling sound.

So far, no crashes have been reported relating to these brake issues.

For VW, this is actually the second brake-related recall. The automaker issued a recall earlier in the year. However, according to a VW spokesperson, unsold models at the time received inadequate remediations, hence the second recall.

The recall began back in July. However, we felt the need to point this out again because many owners of the affected models might still be unaware. Others might have heard about it but decided to hold off for a while and still have not addressed the matter.

We Detect Brake Wear

Regardless of the model or year, if you notice diminished brake performance, please bring your car to Buttera Motors. See our story for our background on German vehicle repairs. The brake recall is ongoing and requires your attention.

Brake Diagnosis and Remediation

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