Check Out Our Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale

Vehicles for Sale by Buttera MotorsButtera Motors isn’t just a VW and Audi repair service. In recent years, we have expanded to become an RV and truck rental service. Now, we also have a limited inventory of pre-owned vehicles for sale.

What’s in our Inventory?

As of the date of this post, we have several Volkswagen models in our inventory. These include several pre-2000 Beetles, as well as a recently-sold camper van. We understand some folks may be on the fence about older used cars. That’s why we have serviced every vehicle to ensure it runs properly. We are, after all, a German-specific automobile repair shop. That is who we are first and foremost. We specify any changes on our vehicles, such as whether it has a rebuilt transmission, has a replaced fuel line, etc.

We expect our inventory to expand in the coming months to include additional Audi and VW models.

Who Should Purchase a Pre-Owned Car?

With school back in session, parents may want to consider a starter vehicle for their teenage child. The VW Beetles in our inventory are great for beginners due to their subcompact size.

We also recommend that retro car enthusiasts stop by. Many VW models from the 1970s to 1990s have a classic charm that elicits eye turns. With some restoration work, you have a classic car great for auto shows or simply to admire in your garage.

Consumers who purchase a car at our shop can also rely on us for future maintenance. Not many auto shops have experience working on a German model much less a pre-2000 model.

Come by for Our Pre-owned Vehicles for Sale

Are you a current German car owner? Make Buttera Motors your go-to mechanic for auto servicing. While we are expanding to include pre-owned vehicles for sale, German car repairs will always be our bread and butter.

Pre-Owned German Vehicles for Sale

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