Difficulties Diagnosing Problems with Your Imported Car?

diagnosing imported car problemYou may have had an auto shop experience where the mechanic told you he couldn’t diagnose the problem with your vehicle. The eventual advice was to take your car elsewhere. Motorists are rightfully baffled when an auto shop has difficulty diagnosing problems with an imported car. However, is it really a matter of can’t, or won’t? The truth may surprise you.

Why Repair Shops “Can’t” Diagnose Your Car

Here’s the truth only industry insiders know about: In most instances, they do have the capability of diagnosing problems in your imported car. However, most auto shops only charge for one hour of diagnostics. If they can’t pinpoint the problem within the timeframe, then they’re wasting their time and staff resource. In other words, it’s cutting into their profit margins.

In this scenario, the shop usually instructs you to take your vehicle to the dealership. Repairs from dealerships, though, tend to be far pricier since their technicians usually work on commission.

In no way is this a knock on other third-party auto repair centers. We absolutely understand that it doesn’t make sense from a profit standpoint to spend too much time on diagnostics. We’re just pointing out that you may be wasting your time if you bring your foreign car to a general shop.

The Value of Auto Repair Specialists

This is why VW and Audi owners should bring their vehicles to a German auto body repair station. A general body shop may not have the expertise or equipment for diagnosing problems in a German-made model within the 60-minute window.

An Auto Shop Can’t Find the Problem? We Bet We Can

Regardless of the brand or year, if you drive an Audi or VW, bring your car to Buttera Motors. Read our story to learn why we’re adept at servicing German-manufactured automobiles. If a general auto shop can’t find the problem, then we are the go-to repair specialists.

Timely Diagnostics for German Automobiles

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