The Truth About Auto Service Pricing by Phone

phone auto service pricingDo you ever call an auto service for a price quote? If you do this, you’re wasting your time. Your wisest course of action is to take your vehicle to the shop for an in-person diagnostic test. Acquiring auto service pricing by phone almost never yields the actual cost you will pay once the work is finished.

Why Auto Service Pricing by Phone Is not a Good Idea

Typically, the idea is to obtain a quote from three auto repair services and go with the cheapest one. Usually, if one quote is way off from the other two, then that one is likely a scam.

If you know the exact problem, then the mechanic may be able to give you a ballpark figure. However, we never suggest calling for the sole sake of acquiring a quote.

Let us put it this way: Would you expect a doctor to diagnose you over the phone without an in-person exam? Only through an actual under-the-hood inspection can a mechanic arrive to an accurate diagnosis and price quote. This is particularly the case with VW and Audi vehicles, which have a more sophisticated engine than American-made automobiles. The same goes for most trucks and RVs.

In addition, an inspection is crucial for detecting other underlying issues. What may seem like a dead battery, for example, may actually be a bad starter or alternator.

You should also be cautious of services that offer a too-good-to-be-true quote. If prices are that low, then that means one of two things: hidden fees or the use of inferior aftermarket parts.

We’ll Accurately Diagnose Your Vehicle

While we encourage you to call Buttera Motors, we can’t give you an accurate price until you bring the vehicle over. We’ll pinpoint the issue with your Audi or VW car in person. Pay no attention to mechanics claiming they can give you an accurate auto service price by phone.

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