Does Your Car Require a Multi-Point Inspection?

multi-point inspectionCars require routine maintenance; that’s a given and applies to all models, whether German or American-made. VW and Audi models, like all other vehicles, require a multi-point inspection. We wanted to discuss this because there seems to be some confusion regarding what this type of inspection entails.

What Is a Multi-Point Inspection?

You may have heard of auto shops advertise a 50-point inspection. The number in the front, though, differs from shop to shop. Some may offer a 30-point inspection, a 10-point inspection, or even as high as a 150-point inspection. What does the number mean, and is a higher number better?

What Does the Number Entail?

The number indicates the number of parts that an auto technician will examine for wear and tear. Generally, this includes:

  • Tires—for tread wear, alignment, and balancing issues
  • Shocks/struts
  • Belts and hoses
  • Oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, and even wiper fluid
  • Multiple components of the transmission

Yes, a higher number indicates a more thorough check. Even so, we don’t recommend getting too caught up in the number. Most multi-point inspections, even those with a lower number, still cover all the critical aforementioned components. Higher numbers are often just a marketing ploy, anyways.

What’s important is that the auto shop is equipped to handle your type of vehicle. Even if the shop provides a 150-point inspection, that won’t mean much if the mechanic is not familiar with your car type. For Audi and VW owners, don’t focus on the number. Instead, focus on whether the shop is certified in German automobile repairs.

We Perform Multi-Point Inspections

Your car may be due for a routine checkup. Bring the car on over to Buttera Motors. If you’re renting, all of our rental RVs and trucks also undergo multi-point inspections. We also recommend multi-point inspections if buying a pre-owned vehicle from a private seller.

Multi-Point Inspections for German Cars

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