What Is the Definition of “German Engineering”?

German engineering

Volkswagen and Audi have used the term “German engineering” on multiple occasions when marketing their lineups. What exactly does this mean? Obviously, the phrase entails a car made in Germany, but what else? How is this a distinguishing factor from American or other foreign models?

German Engineering at a Glance

“German engineering” doesn’t have a clear-cut definition. Stefan Gies, who heads VW’s chassis development team, provided a very convincing characterization. In an interview with Car and Driver, Gies sums up the idea in one word: precision. We believe Gies hits the mark here, and we couldn’t have characterized the term better ourselves.

If German engineering means precision, then what does precision in this sense mean? Gies believes precision in a car is about how the driver feels in relation to the controls of the vehicle. Drivers must feel a connection with the car and feel confident that it will respond to their navigational input.

He also used the term “crucial personality traits,” when describing the attributes of a German car’s body structure. Included among these traits is the right level of stiffness, so the vehicle’s movement doesn’t feel too tight or loose. Automakers achieve the sweet spot by tightening the suspension’s connections to the body structure at certain points.

Gies delves further into the suspension by talking about the bushings, and how their architecture has just the right geometry in relation to the wheels so they provide minimal vibration and maximum cushioning.

Read Gies’ interview with Car and Driver here.

We Know All About German Engineering

The crew at Buttera Motors understands the makeup of a German-made car. This makes us the go-to team for Audi and VW repairs. Read Jim Buttera’s story to learn about his background as a German car mechanic. “German engineering” is a complex term that describes a German automobile’s refinement and smooth controls.

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