Maintaining High-Mileage German Cars

high-mileage german carsWhich car models are high-mileage vehicles? By high-mileage, we mean cars that can reach the 250,000 to 300,000-mile mark and still operate reliably. Do German cars fit the high-mileage category? More specifically, do VW and Audi models meet this designation?

Reviews from Authoritative Car Sites

The car site Oscaro did a blog post of 10 cars that are known to reach the 300,000-mile mark. The list includes the VW Jetta, Golf, and Corrado from the 1983 to 1999 model years. The MK2 and MK3 series are especially known for long-running capability. Another German model, the BMW 3 series from the 1981 to 1994 production years, topped the list as well.

In the auto site Mojo Motors, the Volkswagen Passat, both the sedan and wagon version, made the top 10-list for the compact car category. This vehicle has built a cult following over the years, and some owners have kept the vehicle beyond the typical 15-year car lifespan.

German High-Mileage Cars Require Upkeep

Reaching the 250,000-mile mark is a source of pride for most car owners. However, if you hope to reach that humongous digit on your odometer, you need to maintain your car. This goes for all automobile types, including hybrids, diesels, 4-wheelers, trucks and RVs.

You need to address any necessary Audi and VW repairs in a timely manner. Whether made in Germany or elsewhere, all automobiles require periodic professional maintenance—no exceptions. Simple missteps like missing an oil change or using the wrong oil can drastically reduce the car’s life expectancy.

We’ll Keep Your Car Running Longer

Bring your vehicle to Buttera Motors if you hope to maximize your car’s mileage. Take care of what’s under the hood so the engine will perform reliably for years to come. We believe most German cars can be high-mileage vehicles if the owner cares for it properly.

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