Should You Supply Personal Car Parts for VW and Audi Repairs?

personal car partsEvery now and then, customers will bring in personal car parts and tell us to use them for their vehicle’s repair. We understand why they do this; they want to save money. However, we don’t recommend that customers supply their own parts for auto repairs. This applies to vehicle maintenance in general, but especially for Audi and VW repairs.

Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Personal Car Parts

Quality control is the reason we prefer not to use customer-supplied parts. Customers often find the cheapest aftermarket part they can find online. Aftermarket parts are almost always subpar. This is why they’re so cheap. Subpar parts wear out quicker, thus requiring more trips (and more money) to the auto shop.

Other reasons not to supply your own part:

Aftermarket Parts Are Inferior

We only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or parts from a trusted third-party supplier. In addition, the customer-supplied part may be designed for American-made vehicles and not compatible for VW and Audi repairs.

The Warranty

All of our services and parts also come with a warranty, which we can’t provide when using an aftermarket part of unknown origin. If that aftermarket part prematurely gives out, then you’re responsible for a second repair cost.

You May Supply the Wrong Part

How do you know the car requires the part you brought in? All repairs begin with a diagnostic. You may believe the timing belt is damaged and bring in a new one for us to use. However, what if the diagnostics reveal the damage lies elsewhere?

We Supply all the Parts

Visit Buttera Motors for repairs, general maintenance, and tune-ups. You can read our story about out beginnings in the industry. You don’t need to supply your personal car parts. A self-supplied part may save you money in the short-term, but it can end up costing you more money down the road.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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