Be Sure to Check Your Timing Chain Tensioner

timing chain tensionerCertain German cars utilize a specific type of timing chain tensioner. Failure of this component can create a serious safety issue. This part has a design flaw, causing it to fail prematurely in some instances. We’ll explain what this part does and what precautions you should take.

What Is a Timing Chain Tensioner?

As suggested in its name, a timing chain tensioner keeps the timing chain under tension. The timing chain itself connects the upper half of the engine with the lower half, keeping the two sections synchronized.

A defective timing chain tensioner can cause the exhaust valves to come into contact with the pistons while the engine is running. This can seriously damage the valves, cylinder head, and cylinder walls.

Most timing chain and belt systems need replacement every 70,000 to 100,000 miles. Some motorists, however, are reporting failure much sooner. A class-action lawsuit, in fact, has been filed in New Jersey against VW. At the time of this posting, no official recall has been announced.

Is Your Car Affected?

There appears to be some mixed opinions regarding the models that have this defect. We recommend having your car checked at our VW and Audi service if you drive a 2008–2013 VW or Audi model with a TSI engine.

Symptoms of Tensioner Failure

To err on the side of caution, you should have someone check the tensioner even if you haven’t noticed any issues. A primary symptom of a failing tensioner, though, includes significant engine rattling noise when starting the ignition.

Have Us Inspect the Tensioner

Have one of our trained mechanics check your car at Buttera Motors if you drive any of the mentioned models. Our Audi and VW repair crew can replace the tensioner and detect any signs of damage. Read our story to find out why we are qualified for this type of inspection. The timing chain tensioner is a crucial component that absolutely needs to be in acceptable condition.

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