What Is the Best Gasoline for a Volkswagen?

gasoline for a VWOur customers have often asked us what is the best gasoline for a Volkswagen. They want to know if they should use regular or premium gasoline at the pump. Traditionally, the vehicle’s user manual has recommended premium fuel. However, the manual for some 2016 VWs now recommend regular gasoline. We’ll explain the difference between regular and premium gasoline and the reason for the switch.

Why Gasoline Type for a Volkswagen Matters

VW previously recommended premium gasoline for one simple reason: it helped the vehicle achieved its advertised MPG. Using regular fuel reduced fuel efficiency by about 5%. This pretty much negated the money saved by using regular over premium gas.

In addition, regular fuel could lead to engine knock and detonation. This is especially the case in turbocharged engines found in most German cars. This is a problem our Audi and VW repair crew have noticed when performing maintenance work under the hood.

VW has never released any official explanation for the switch to regular gasoline for its 2016 lineup. We believe that improvement in engine technology has made premium fuel obsolete. Extensive testing has likely yielded negligible difference between regular and premium gasoline use. Regardless, we are happy to hear that some VW owners can now save at the pump.

Our advice is simple: stick with the fuel type recommended in the user manual. If the manual suggests regular fuel, then it is unlikely any benefits will result from upgrading to premium.

We’ll Thoroughly Evaluate Your VW Engine

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Edited by Justin Vorhees

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