Can You Get a Cheap Oil Change for a German Car?

cheap oil changeIt’s not unusual to see ads for your local auto repair shop offering $19.99 oil changes. Can a VW and Audi service really include an oil change for just 20 bucks? Learn the truth about those advertised cheap oil changes so you understand what you’re really getting for $20

The Truth About Cheap Oil Changes

Oil changes for most German cars require synthetic oil. Carefully read the fine print in the ad to determine the type of oil used. In most cases, it may be a synthetic oil BLEND. Technically, you can put a drop of synthetic oil in a lower-grade oil and call it a synthetic blend. There is just no way of really knowing the quality of the oil.

Pure synthetic oil also isn’t cheap and almost always costs more than the $19.99 fee. There is also the cost of labor and other fees on top of that. The auto shop will be losing money if charges a flat $20 and uses 100% synthetic oil.

So, what are do you receive in one of these cheap oil changes? You get a synthetic oil blend of unknown quality. The mechanic will probably only drain the oil and not even switch out the oil filter, though he may recommend it at an additional cost. The ad may also indicate that the initial fee only includes oil replacement up to four quarts. Most German cars require five to 10 quarts. That additional oil alone will likely nearly double the cost. In the end, you may end up paying $40 to $60—and that’s for an inferior synthetic oil blend.

Ask Buttera Motors to Change Your Oil

Bring your car to Buttera Motors to schedule your next oil change. Read our story to learn about our history as Kirkland’s go-to German car specialists. Our Audi and VW repair crew only uses pure synthetic oil recommended by the manufacturer. You’ll pay more than $20, but the quality of service is superior to what you will get for those advertised cheap oil changes.

Synthetic Oil Changes for German Cars

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