Coil Pack Repair for VW and Audi Vehicles

Coil PackMost modern German vehicle models are equipped with a coil pack in the engine. This component plays a vital function, and damage to it may prevent the engine from starting. Owners should arrange for a qualified Audi and VW repair center to check this mechanism regularly.

What Is a Coil Pack?

The coil pack is made up of multiple spark and ignition coils. The coils create an electric spark that transfers the voltage from the battery to the fuel that powers the engine. In modern German vehicles with a TDI engine, the coil pack performs the function of a distributor. The coil pack, though, is often considered superior because it doesn’t need to be fired as frequently. Neither does it have any moving parts. Coil packs also produce a stronger spark, leading to more reliable engine starts.

Signs of Coil Pack Troubles

Any of the following symptoms may be an indication of a worn coil pack:

  • Engine stalls or vibrates when idling
  • Engine has difficulty starting
  • Drastic drop in RPMs when idling
  • Reduced fuel economy

The first telltale sign is a misfire or an engine struggling to start in the morning. Of course, this could simply be due to a dying battery. If the car is also vibrating and sputtering while in idle, then more than likely it’s the coil pack. A vibrating and sputtering engine, however, may also be caused by a worn fuel injector or fuel pump. It may also be simply due to a dirty filter.

You won’t know for sure the cause until you have the car looked at by a VW and Audi service center.

Let Our Mechanics Have a Look

Read our story to learn why we are Kirkland’s go-to team for German automobile repairs. Make an appointment with Buttera Motors to have your car looked at if it’s having trouble starting lately. A faulty coil pack will only continue to get worse and lead to diminished engine performance.

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