Anti-Lock Brake Repair for Your Audi

Anti-Lock Brake RepairThe brakes on a car seems rather simple: you press your foot down on the brake pedal, and the car comes to a halt. The system, however, is actually quite complex, especially when it comes to anti-lock brakes that are included in most Audi vehicles today. This is why anti-lock brake repairs should be left to an Audi & VW repair specialist.

How Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS) Work

Most newer Audi models utilize a disc brake supplemented by an anti-lock brake. The disc brake is typical in most cars and uses brake pads to squeeze the rotor. The power is transmitted hydraulically and creates friction between the disc and pad to slow the wheel.

Recent Audi models also have anti-lock brakes to increase traction on slippery road surfaces. An ABS utilizes a series of rapid pumping motions to engage the wheels as they lock up. This helps slow the vehicle while the driver maintains control even under slippery conditions. An ABS utilizes a very sophisticated computer system that includes electronic control units, sensors, and hydraulic actuators. These components all work in unison to monitor the speed of each tire.

Signs of a Brake Problem

If you have to press the brake further down than you normally do to bring the car to a complete stop, then the brakes may be on the verge of failing. If you hear a squealing noise, then the pads are likely worn. Other signs of brake failure include:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • The smell of burning rubber
  • ABS warning light switching on
  • Metal-on-metal sounds

We handle Anti-Lock Brake Repairs

Newer Audi models contain a complex computer embedded in its ABS. This is why repairs should be left to a VW & Audi service like Buttera Motors. Read our story to find out why we’re Kirkland’s go-to mechanics for German automobiles.

ABS repairs can be prevented altogether with regular maintenance and observance of recalls. Several Audi cars, such as all 2014 A4 to A7 models, were recently recalled due to problems in the brake booster. Aside from anti-lock brake repairs, we can also handle recall issues like the one described above.
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