Maintain the Catalytic Converter on Your German Car

buttera-3-2016If your German vehicle failed an emissions test, then leave it to a VW and Audi repair specialist to determine the reason for failure. Due to the different parts and construction, it’s easy for a general mechanic to misdiagnose the cause. For German automobiles, the problem can usually be traced back to the catalytic converter. Maintain your catalytic converter, and emissions testing should be a go the first time around.

Why the Catalytic Converter Fails

The catalytic converter can fail for several reasons. A common cause is the incorrect mixture of fuel. This creates excessive heat and causes the catalyst to melt. This, in turn, leads to a deposit buildup that restricts airflow. On top of that, the melted substrate also creates a buildup of gas in the exhaust, thus causing the car to stall.

Aside from stalling and failing an emissions test, here are a few other signs of a failing converter:

  • The vehicle refuses to start
  • A noticeable decrease in acceleration
  • A drop in fuel efficiency
  • The Check Engine light comes on

If you have the know-how, you can also perform a DIY test. Remove the oxygen sensor from the exhaust and drive the vehicle around the block. If there is a noticeable alteration in performance, then the catalytic converter is likely clogged.

Let Us Inspect the Catalytic Converter

Leave the catalytic converter inspections to Buttera Motors. Our story explains how we got started as a German car repair specialist in the Kirkland area. Most emission technicians are not trained to diagnose German-made vehicles. Our VW & Audi service can examine the converter if you failed your last emissions test. We can also take a look at it before the test to ensure you pass on the first try. Catalytic converter maintenance for VW, BMW and Audi vehicles should be done periodically to ensure long-term car health.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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