Understanding the Warning Lights on a VW

buttera motorsMore recent VW models utilize an array of warning lights to inform you if a specific problem arises under the hood. This provides a more accurate indicator than a generic check engine light. However, if you don’t frequently review the manual, it’s easy to forget what some of the warning lights on your VW mean. Here’s a quick refresher if you don’t feel like digging the owner’s manual out of your glove compartment.

Pull Over if any of These Warning Lights Appear

  • Red brake light – brake fluid is low
  • Red thermometer – engine temperature is dangerously high and/or coolant levels are low
  • Red steering wheel – power steering has failed
  • Bottle pouring out liquid – engine restart has failed
  • Yellow “!” accompanied by oil can – no oil pressure

It’s dangerous to keep driving if any of these symbols appear. Pull over right away and call to have a tow truck bring your car to a VW & Audi service. Most of these symbols are also accompanied by an audible warning.

Other Warning Lights to Watch For

  • Yellow engine symbol – emission problems
  • Yellow steering wheel – reduction in power steering assist
  • Yellow circle with dash symbols – worn brake pads
  • The letters ABS – problem with anti-lock braking system

These symbols are less urgent, and you may continue driving. However, you should bring your vehicle to a VW & Audi repair center ASAP. None of these issues can be solved with simple DIY fixes.

Do not Ignore These Warning Lights

The warning signals are exactly that: a warning indicating that there’s a faulty component. Bring your VW vehicle to Buttera Motors to get to the bottom of the issue. You can read up on our tips for additional advice pertaining specifically to German car owners. The Warning lights on a VW indicate a problem that needs immediate attention; don’t let the issue linger.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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