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buttera motorsOne of the sweetest aspects of German vehicles is that most models utilize a Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) engine. As implied in its name, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber where it combines with the air entering via intake manifold. The resulting mixture is compressed and causes a spark that boosts horsepower. Unfortunately, carbon buildup in an FSI engine is commonplace. Too much carbon causes reduced airflow and loss of power.

Carbon Buildup Symptoms

If you notice signs of carbon buildup, then take your vehicle to an Audi & VW repair center. Common symptoms include:

  • Lack of engine response
  • Lag in acceleration
  • Lack of response when pressing on the gas pedal
  • Check engine light frequently coming on
  • Misfiring, which becomes apparent when the engine revving noise sounds uneven and erratic

How to Prevent Carbon Buildup

Unfortunately, FSI engines do not have an intake where additives can be sprayed into the system. It’s also been speculated that additives are ineffective for FSI engines. Any additive added only enters the combustion chamber and doesn’t reach the inlet manifold. Nevertheless, additives formulated specifically for FSI engines are available, though you’ll need to have a VW and Audi service inject the fuel into the engine.

Ultimately, the best defense against carbon buildup is to have your car inspected at intervals indicated on the vehicle’s operation manual. An inspection can determine whether there’s enough carbon accumulation to contribute to engine performance loss.

Let Us Fix It

Due to their unique makeup and construction, a general mechanic may not have the expertise to perform maintenance on an FSI engine. Read our story to learn about our history and how we remain Seattle’s German car repair specialist. Carbon buildup on an FSI engine is a problem we routinely tackle for German automobile owners. Contact Buttera Motors today for an estimate or send us a message for more information.
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