4 Reasons Why German Cars Rock

Buttera MotorsThere is definitely a lure about German cars that make them a long-time favorite among dedicated auto enthusiasts. Why are brands like VW and Audi so sought after by the American market? There’s an element about German automobiles that distinguishes them both in terms of feel and performance. Here are a few reasons why German-imported vehicles are so beloved by us Americans.

1. German Cars are Built for Racing

German vehicles are legendary when it comes to racing. Auto racing hobbyists are familiar with Germany’s famous Nurburgring, which is the country’s – and perhaps the world’s – most famous motorsport complex where prototype models are put to the ultimate test.

2. German Roads

Here’s a fun fact: Germany has roughly 8,000 miles of roads that have virtually no posted speed limit. Naturally, this will produce cars that are destined to be speed devils.

3. Ridiculously Powerful Engines

In America, a V8 (8-cylinder engine) is considered a huge upgrade. This is nothing, though, compared to a V12 that some German models are known for. To be fair, other European automakers, such as Jaguar and Ferrari, also utilize 12-cylinder engines, but brands like BMW and Mercedes are known for their engine manufacturing plants where the slickest and most innovative engines are produced.

4. Germans Pioneered the Automotive Industry

The first internal combustion engine was patented in 1879 by Karl Benz, who would go on to patent the first automobile in 1886.

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