DIY AC Repair for the VW Jetta

butteraNot surprisingly, auto AC problems spike during the summer months. Since German cars have a different engine layout than their American and Japanese counterparts, you’ll need to take your car to a VW & Audi repair service. If you specifically drive the VW Jetta and are experiencing AC issues, you just might be able to troubleshoot the issue. If you consider yourself a weekend mechanic, try the following. Otherwise, leave the VW Jetta AC repair to a certified mechanic.

Follow These Steps for DIY Auto AC Repair

Begin by starting the ignition and letting the car run for a minute or two. Adjust the climate control and see if it affects the air temperature. If not, then you likely have a blown fuse. If you don’t hear the typical blowing sound or barely feel the air at all, then the problem may be a faulty fan or blower motor.

If a blown fuse is the problem, locate the fuse box. For the Jetta, this is located behind a rectangular trim panel right in front of the front passenger seat. Remove the blown fuse and replace it with one of equal amperage.

If you suspect a blown motor or fan, then you’ll need to access those components by removing the glovebox. To do this, pull out the ashtray insert and cigarette lighter connector. Once removed, unscrew the glovebox and pull out the trim around the steering wheel and heat controls. Finally, remove the lower trim panel located on the passenger’s side to access the blown motor.

Leave the repairs to a Mechanic

The process outlined above should only be attempted by those who’ve been around the block when it comes to DIY auto repairs. For everyone else, don’t attempt to unscrew or remove anything from the car. Leave the repairs to a VW & Audi service.

Since the VW Jetta is a German model, even a general mechanic may run into difficulty. Opt for specialized service from a German auto shop. Learn more about our story and why we are Seattle’s go-to service for German car repairs. Leave the VW Jetta AC repair to us for skilled maintenance by specialized mechanics.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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